This week’s news plus a plea for believers to lead the way to unity in America


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Political Correctness Is Killing Colleges

ISIS Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm

Border Patrol Alters Stats to Hide Release of Criminal Aliens, High Recidivism

German Journalist Who Exposed CIA Buying News Stories Drops Dead

Church of the Holy Seplucre

Church of the Holy Seplucre


Israel okays 2,500 new settlement homes, 2 days after PM talks to Trump

Mexican Cartels Smuggle Terrorists into U.S. Through Rural Texas Border Region

International Planned Parenthood Says They Won’t Comply with Rule Reinstated by Trump

On Inauguration Day, some thoughts on Obama’s disastrous legacy, the Trump-Pence approach towards Israel & the Arab world, and prayers for safety.Inauguation day

Chili’s Restaurants Partnering to Raise Money for Planned Parenthood and Abortion

Trump Finds and Stops $220 Million Payment to Palestinian Terrorists Ordered by Obama!

Trump said set to halt funding for UN agencies, other groups that give PA, PLO full membership

Mohammed Magid

Mohammed Magid

Radical Islamic Cleric Poisons Inaugural Prayer Service 

Islamic “Modesty”: Devout Muslima Teacher Rapes Students, Gets Light Sentence bc She’s Muslim



Follow the Leader

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The news this week reveals that the left has no intention of working with the Trump administration. Our new President’s efforts to reach across the aisle have been mocked, defied, and ridiculed. So much for unity.

 It causes me to wonder if we have crossed the point of no return politically. If Donald Trump is successful in bringing back jobs and in keeping other campaign promises, will the left be willing to admit that his policies actually worked, or will they remain on the attack, finding something, real or concocted, to discredit? Personally, I’m not holding our any hopes for a “reconciliation.”

This is to be expected in politics with so many different interests fighting against each other, but what about the Church? Shouldn’t we be setting a better example? Doesn’t God expect more from us? In what has been called Jesus’ high priestly prayer in John 17, our Lord is asking, even pleading, that we would all be one-one with each other, and one with the Father.

If our nation (and the world) is ever to get a taste of what unity really looks like it’s going to start with us. If we who have the power of the Living God within us can’t become one, how can we expect “worldly opponents” to ever come together? Whatever our motivation for unity may be, I believe the results will be worth the effort.

I believe the election of Donald Trump has given the Church in America a golden opportunity to rise and shine. He has promised to protect religious freedom, but what will we do in response? Will we stay focused inward on our own churches, or will we take seriously our calling to display Jesus Christ to a lost world by showing how we love one another?

Isn’t this what the Christian life is supposed to be all about anyway-placing the needs of others above our own? Going the extra mile to help someone? Truly caring for those whom God has placed in our path? Aren’t we to let our light shine so the world can see it? There can be no doubt that our nation needs to see that unity and genuine caring for others is possible. It is looking for a leader to follow.

 I truly believe that Donald Trump, with all his faults, may be just the one to create an atmosphere where people are moved to strive for something better and to reach higher. I hope the Church leads the way in bringing about a national spirit of optimism and a genuine spirit of unity, not with our enemies, but with those of like mind.

This has to start somewhere, so why not with each of us. Let’s ask God to show us how we can do our part to display this kind of infectious unity. I can’t imagine how God would ignore such a request.



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