How I think the refugee ban protesters are like the crowd when Jesus stood before Pilate


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Give Us Barabbas

This past week saw a flurry of demonstrations and attacks against President Trump’s Executive Order restricting travel from countries with ties to terrorism. The rhetoric has been vicious and fullrefugees welcome of leftist propaganda which nearly always includes a teaspoon of truth and a cup of lies and distortions. You probably heard one of the many claims that no terrorist has ever entered our country from any of the seven countries listed (all of which were originally singled out by the Obama administration).

One of the common criticisms from the left is that refugees from these seven countries pose no threat to us here in America, but a recent report from the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest reveals just how untrue that claim is. According to the report, between March of 2104 and June of 2016, at least 17 alleged terrorists came from these seven nations (Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen). Eight of these are terrorists convicted for crimes related to giving material support to ISIS.

But wait, there’s more. How about the hypocrisy of the feigned outrage? Where was the liberal outrage when President Obama blocked all Iraqi refugees from entering the United States in 2011? And speaking of hypocrisy, where was the left’s outrage over all the patriotic veterans who died waiting for treatment at VA hospitals?

muslim banThen there’s the claim that the order was a Muslim ban. If you read the article above regarding the travel ban, you’ll see that its purpose is to limit terrorists. No Religion is singled out. If the terrorists happen to be Muslims, that’s an issue the left refuses to acknowledge.

The outrage intensified when President Trump stated his desire to admit as many Christian refugees as possible. After all, Christians are the most persecuted group in the Middle East. Followers of Jesus Christ are routinely singled out by all the Islamic terrorist groups. True compassion should be given to those most in need. Boy, did that start a firestorm. Immediately came the accusations that Mr. Trump was favoring Christians at the expense of Muslims.

This shouldn’t surprise us. The left has neither done nor said anything when we read and saw news reports of Christians being slaughtered. The PC police have made sure that only supposed violence against Muslims is fit for public consumption. Since this is so rare, stories are quickly fabricated and masqueraded as real news.

christ before pilate

Christ before Pilate

So, what are we to make of all this. What does this have to do with setting our minds on things above? Well, it reminds me of the crowd’s reaction when Jesus was presented before Pilate (See John 18: 28-40). He couldn’t find a single charge to bring against Jesus, but the crowd kept shouting, “Crucify Him!”

As Pilate addressed the crowd, he asked, “Who do you want me to release, Barabbas, or Jesus, the King of the Jews?” The choice was between a criminal and a guiltless man. The crowd chanted, “Give us Barabbas.”

Today, we are witnessing a similar event. Just as the crowd in Jerusalem had been swayed through persuasive argument to condemn Jesus, a gullible crowd in America has been persuaded to condemn the persecuted followers of Jesus and welcome the evildoers. This is exactly what Jesus said would happen. History is unfolding just as Jesus said it would.

censored from facebookSocial media are leading the charge. I have friends whose conservative posts have been censored by Facebook. Twitter is preparing to install massive new censorship tools, and Google has been collecting data on Christians and conservatives for years.

Despite Trump’s election, the battle against Christians and conservatives is intensifying. Look what the left is doing to impede Trump’s nominees. I fear it’s just the beginning. Get ready.



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