This week’s news plus a spiritual lesson from Hurricane Harvey


Trump Issues New Sanctions on Socialist Venezuela

25 Reasons to Reassign General H.R. McMaster

Sanctuary City Spitefully Releases Illegal Alien. He Then Murdered His Girlfriend.


Feminist Pushes to Eliminate Fathers Day…Wants “Special Persons Day” Instead

Paul Ryan Caves, Gives Democrats Everything They Want

Trump Gets Key Win From 8th Circuit

HuffPo Has Audacity to Question if One’s Military Service Makes Them Racist

Houstons Democratic Mayor Told Citizens to IGNORE Hurricane Warnings!?

FAKE NEWS: CNN Caught Faking Harvey Rescue Video in Pathetic Stunt

Bill De Blasio Emboldens Militant Left with Liberal Take on Columbus Statue 

The Real John McCain (MUST READ)

New York Times: Iran Using Hezbollah as Instrument in Drive for Regional Supremacy

California Crazy: Calling Someone the Wrong Gender Pronoun Could Get You Prison

Antifa Gets Violent Again, Berkeley Police Refuse to Protect Conservative Demonstrators

FBI Continues Cover for Hillary: Says Lack of Public Interest In Clinton Emails Justifies Withholding Documents



 Please take a moment and pray for the hurricane victims in Texas. What they are going through is unimaginable. Then please ask a friend to do the same.


God’s First Responders

We tend to lull ourselves to sleep when things are going smoothly in our little worlds. We also tend to believe that because something hasn’t happened yet, it never will. Things may be fine where we are, but around the world, all hell is about to break loose.

North Korea’s deranged leader is daring the world to stop his military escapades. Iran’s influence in Syria and Lebanon is growing as it seeks control of the region. It has thousands of weapons pointed at Israel, waiting for the “right time” to attack. ISIS is terrorizing the people of Mindanao in the Philippines while Venezuela is on the verge of collapse. All this is in addition to the continuing non-declared wars in dozens of nations in Africa and East Asia.

Here at home, millions are suffering in southeast Texas after Hurricane Harvey continues to set rainfall records. The enormity of the disaster has yet to be realized. California continues to be the land of fruits and nuts, and in many other states it appears that reason has given way to unprecedented attacks on morality, civility, and unity. As we learn the truth about our so-called heroes, we are sickened by the calloused hedonism that has been protected by the good ol’ boy political system. Our government has been infiltrated by our enemies and many of those we elected to improve things are colluding with the enemy.

So, where is the good news and the lesson in all this? I think we’re seeing it in the first responders and all those who are risking their own lives to help those who have lost everything in Texas. A disaster of this magnitude tends to level the playing field where all the perceived differences become meaningless. When it comes down to survival, all the rules change. There are no colors, political parties, or religions, only people in need. Life becomes people helping other people, period. Everyone shares a common goal-to survive, to help others survive, and eventually, to rebuild.

It struck me that the way we see and treat each other in times of crisis is the way God sees and deals with us (and every other person on the face of the earth) all the time. With Him there is no color or political barrier, no ideological or racial roadblock between us and Him. He sees us all the same and as equal victims of the greatest catastrophe in the history of mankind-the plague of sin. He sees everyone struggling under its power, gasping for the breath of life as it threatens to drag us so far down that we will never recover.

He must be thinking if only they would grab the lifeline I have thrown to them-My Son, My only Son (the one who became our substitute as He died on the cross, taking our sins upon Himself and purchasing eternal life for anyone who would receive Him as his or her Lord and Savior). He must see us as those in the rescue helicopters see thousands of people struggling against the flood waters that threaten to engulf them.

God desperately wants us to see each other as He sees us all, not just in times of crisis, but every day, without the clutter that separates us. I think He is asking us to be His First Responders everywhere He sends us, aware of the real dangers and looking for those who are struggling. After we’ve done what we can to help the folks in Texas, let’s not miss this powerful lesson. We are God’s First Responders 24/7.


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