Does jihad really mean an inner struggle to please Allah? Not according to Islamic scholars.


Islamic “scholars” insist that jihad has nothing to do with violence. It is, so they say, simply an inner struggle or striving to please Allah in every way. They also insist that associating jihad with violence is to deny the very foundation of Islam. Let’s take a look at these claims.

The first problem is that this definition is peddled only to audiences is the West. The “inner struggle” definition comes from a verse from the Hadith: when Mohammed returned from a battle saying,” I have returned from a lesser jihad (warfare) to a greater jihad (to better myself as a person).”

The same scholars who present the “inner struggle” definition to westerners have designated this Hadith as a “weak hadith” because it doesn’t have a reliable line of transmitters back to Muhammed. Therefore, according to them, it is not authoritative. Keep in mind that this is the ONLY place in any Islamic source calling jihad “an inner struggle.”

Let’s look at the accepted authoritative Islamic sources to see how jihad is understood in the Middle East. The official Encyclopedia of Islam defines jihad as “Military action to expand Islam (offense) and, if necessary, defend Islam (defense). The Reliance of the Traveler, a kind of Shariah Law manual, defines jihad as “the means to war against non-Muslims.” It is derived from a word meaning warfare to establish the religion.

Muslim scholars writing in Arabic and non-European languages all agree that jihad is militant warfare. There are 160 “jihad” verses in the Qur’an. They all describe it as armed conflict, never an internal struggle.

For example, Sura 2:216 says, “Jihad, or holy fighting in Allah’s cause is ordained for you Muslims.” Sura 8:39 says, “Fight them until there is no more belief in polytheism.” Sura 9:29 says, “Fight those who believe not in Allah, those who do not forbid the things Allah forbids, those who don’t believe in the Last Day, and those who don’t acknowledge the religion of truth (Islam), especially among the People of the Book (Jews and Christians).”

Terrorism is an integral part of jihad. Islamic sources define it as “the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.” Sura 3:151 says, “We will pass terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve because they ascribe unto Allah partners which have not been revealed.” Sura 8:60 says “…strike terror into the hearts of your enemies.”

Martyrdom is also an integral part of jihad. It is mentioned often in the Hadith. The only certain path to paradise for a Muslim is to die as a martyr while engaging in jihad. Muslim scholars write extensively about rewards for those who sacrifice themselves as a martyr in an act of jihad. It gains spiritual prestige for the family “left behind.”

This raises a serious question. If “jihad” is simply an internal struggle, how can one become a martyr? It makes no sense.


This “misrepresentation” of what jihad really means is just one example of how Muslims have used deception and outright lies to mask their true intentions. In fact, the entire religion is based on deception. The Qur’an describes Allah as “the greatest of all deceivers (Sura 3:54). Clearly, the goal is world domination, and deception is the means to that end.

It appears that Western leaders have fallen for the rhetoric. Here are a few examples:

Tony Blair: “Islam is a holy and peaceful religion.”
George Bush: “Islamic teachings are good and peaceful.”
Bill Clinton: “Muslims are good and peace-loving people.”
Barack Obama: “Violent Muslim actions are those of extremists who are a small minority. Partnerships between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not on what it isn’t.”

There is some truth in their claims. Roughly 80% of Muslims want what we want. They have no interest in fighting in a jihad. The problem is that it’s the other 20% that runs the show. These represent the “small minority” Obama referred to. Based on the worldwide Muslim population, the 20% represents 300 million Muslims who are dedicated to our destruction!

So, have the so-called radicals hijacked a peaceful religion, or are they simply carrying out the mandates in their sacred scriptures? An examination of the Islamic “holy books” reveals that there is no such thing as a Muslim extremist. The so-called radicals are simply living out the mandates of all the jihad verses in their holy books.

Don’t be taken in by the lies. Now you should know better.



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