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Re-imagine That

Just as John Lennon wanted us to imagine a godless and borderless world with no heaven or hell and nothing to die for, these days we are being told to re-imagine nearly everything (apparently so we can bring life to John Lennon’s dream). The goal is a twisted version of equality in which everyone on earth is equal—equally subservient to the new ruling class—the global elitists. Bill and Melinda Gates, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, Big Tech, and the “scientific experts” have joined forces to accomplish something more sinister than anything we could re-imagine.

Scientific Socialism

While the amalgamation of all these bad actors is bringing a unique union of government and the private sector (Big Tech), the result that is being foisted on us seems to be something other than “pure” communism or socialism. However, what we see so far does incorporate the most “effective” principles and methods of both. Some have called what we are up against “Scientific Socialism” with science being re-imagined and re-packaged to make its claims not only believable, but our only option to save us all and our planet.

Progress of Society

The avowed atheist, Karl Marx, believed that science determines whether a society will “progress.” Today, Progressives have incorporated his belief and have found a way to guarantee the result by controlling the scientific narrative. Scientific propaganda will be used to force the masses into an acceptable code of conduct. By instilling fear and telling the people to follow the science by listening to the experts (hand-picked), everyone will be guilt-tripped into doing his or her part for the good of everyone.

We’re being Manipulated

Last week I showed how, according to some investigators, the Coronavirus pandemic actually began. Today I am asking you to factor in what I am presenting today. Don’t the pieces fit together rather well? Can you see how we all have been manipulated into believing that our reduced freedoms are necessary for the greater good? Do you really think the globalists are going to let things go back to the way they were? Never! They will double down on the scientific narrative. When real science contradicts their claims, they simply move the goalposts. When science revealed that the earth had actually cooled .7 degrees over the past century, global warming was re-imagined as climate change

A Few More Facts

Then there’s the pesky fact that slight temperature variations are the result of natural solar and cosmic activity and the well-recognized 800-year global heating and cooling cycle. All this keeps on happening as it always has despite our completely insignificant efforts to affect climate change. If you’re still not convinced, consider the fact that all the world’s efforts to reduce our carbon footprint are more than offset every time one volcano erupts. Then there’s the fact that wildfire season across the western USA and Australia in one year negates the entire world’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions over a three-year period.

In an effort to keep the junk science narrative going, the six largest banks in the United States recently announced that they would phase in a net-zero carbon dioxide financing requirement for all of their business operations, effectively making it impossible for fossil-fuel companies—as well as any other business that refuses to “go green”—to secure a loan or benefit from various other financial services at the country’s biggest banks. Many other, smaller banks have also signed on.

As part of its Agenda 21 initiative, the UN is already poised to impose a carbon tax on nations and businesses that violate its junk science standards. Tax revenues will be used to redistribute the wealth as the globalists see fit. Re-imagine that. Aren’t you proud that you are doing your part to save humanity and the planet? Conservation efforts to actually clean up our planet are worth the effort, but don’t be fooled into giving away freedoms you will never regain.




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