Learn of the fascinating historical and religious connections between Christmas and Hanukkah and how the dates of their celebrations are determined.


As we reflect back on our latest Christmas celebration, I’d like to reflect back even further to an important event that took place on December 25 nearly 170 years before Jesus Christ left heaven to become one of us for a season. It played a role in why we celebrate Christmas at all, and why we do it on December the 25th. (Sometime in September makes more sense for several reasons, one being that shepherds wouldn’t be out tending their flocks by night in winter.) It’s all about Hanukkah, which is an 8-day celebration that began this year on December 22nd and will continue to the 29th. I encourage you to discover more about the important biblical history of this wondrous holiday by listening to a powerful 36-minute audio presentation: Hanukkah: The Feast of Lights by Marv Rosenthal. I hope your celebration of Christmas this year was focused more on our Savior’s birth than His birthday, and that this presentation adds an additional blessing.
In case the link fails, copy and paste: https://www.zionshope.org/audio/feast-of-lights.mp3


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