This post lets you know what you can expect from me in 2020.


Good-Bye 2019

 This is the time we usually look back on the last year and reflect on what it brought. I hope you can look back with a smile and a sense of satisfaction and hope. I also hope that you have found some of my posts helpful as you consider the claims of Jesus or attempt to follow Him daily. I will continue to try to offer biblical insights, keep you updated on relevant news stories, warn you of the dangers we face, while balancing at all with a look on the lighter side.
For me, this past year was anything but smooth sailing. It brought a series of tumultuous and challenging experiences that has my mind spinning. I am hoping for some resolutions in 2020, but I’ve learned that it’s more about the journey than the destination, so I better just buckle up and enjoy the ride.


As we turn another page on the calendar, I’d like to let you know what to expect from me in 2020. I hope to share the results of some major recent revelations and insights in some key areas. As a result of some intense study, some things that had been unclear are beginning to come into focus. Perhaps some of these gray or fuzzy areas have confused you also.

I’ve learned to stop making generalized assumptions regarding the meaning of certain biblical words or phrases. For example, “Israel,” “national Israel,” and “the Jewish people” are phrases with very different meanings. Similarly, “kingdom,” “the kingdom of heaven,” and “the kingdom of God” are terms for very different things. The same is true for “the gospel” and “the gospel of the kingdom.” If we miss these differences, we will completely misinterpret the passage in which they are used. I have discovered that I have misinterpreted a lot of passages, and I know I’m not alone.

I’ve also come to understand some major differences between the Church and national Israel, differences that have affected my understanding of eschatology (end times) in general and in particular, the Millennial Kingdom and Israel’s New Covenant. By paying closer attention to Jesus’ audiences, we can determine if each message was for national Israel or for individual Jews, and yes, it really does make a difference. I’ve had to re-think a lot of my previously-held positions and have gained a more accurate understanding of some key aspects of our salvation.

Fortunately, each one of these “revelations” has revealed that God’s plans for His children are way more wonderful and glorious than I had imagined. The same is true for the Church. I mention this to assure you that if you too have to “unlearn” some things, it will be worth the pain. (It’s been very painful for me.) On the positive side, it’s part of growing in the knowledge of God. Hopefully, everything I share will help to bring you closer to 2020 spiritual vision.

I’m not asking you to take what I will be sharing as absolute truth. I make no such claims. I will be sharing my current understanding and will try to support my conclusions from Scripture. Feel free to challenge me or to ask questions. I, like you, have been searching for truth, even if it means admitting something I previously taught or wrote was wrong. I now disagree with some very well-respected pastors, Bible teachers, and Messianic leaders who had shaped my thinking.

Regardless of what 2020 may bring, I hope to offer stability, encouragement and hope while challenging you to deepen your walk with the Lord. May you rejoice always, pray without ceasing, while giving thanks in everything.


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