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  1. Audit of US Catholic Church Shows Sharp Spike in Sex Abuse Reports
  2.  The Lost Art of Meditating on the Scriptures 
  1. Black Lives Matter Leader Charged with Sex Trafficking! 
  1. Bachi Bazi: The Horrific Practice of Selling Boys to Islamic Men for Sex 
  1. Retired General Fired for Disagreeing with Obama’s Transgender Policies!
  1. Homeland Security Insider Just Blew the Whistle on Obama – Our Worst Fears, CONFIRMED! Breaking News
  1. US Government Targeted Me for Helping Christians Escape Iraq
  1. Navy Captain James Kirk to Command New Stealth Destroyer destroyer zumwalt

10.Iranian commander: We can destroy Israel in under 8 minutes

  1. Does Obama’s Troubled Childhood Explain His Bathroom Weirdness?bathroom cartoon

12.CDC Blames Conservative Southerners for High HIV Rates Among Gay Men!

13.Congress Stole Millions from Our Veterans to Resettle Afghanis!

14.BIZARRE: Bernie Sanders on Naked Children and Sexual Attitudes That Cause Cancer

15.Israeli officials intercepted a shipment of metal pipes and motors bound for Hamas in Gaza that can be used in the production of rockets and for constructing tunnels, according to Israeli Defense Ministry.


joseph in prisonI admit, it’s hard to see God at work in what we call “the news.”  That is, until we take a broader view of what’s happening and how God has worked before in “questionable” situations. Take Joseph, for example. For years it seemed like he was languishing in prison. Had we been alive then, we would likely have been praying for God to get him out of there. Yet, now that we know the rest of the story, we understand that God had a plan for blessing all of Joseph’s family and that plan necessitated a stint in an Egyptian prison.

Then there’s Daniel and his three friends. We probably would have prayed for their release from their captivity in Babylon. Yet, God used this seemingly devastating situation to bring glory to Himself as well as the Jewish fearsome foursome. God used Daniel in ways that never would have been possible had he remained in Jerusalem.

The point, of course, is that things are often not as they seem. This is why we are to walk by faith and not by sight.walk by faith The word for faith in Hebrew literally means to drive a tent peg deep enough to keep the tent from being blown away. This is exactly what God wants our faith to accomplish today. He wants our faith in Him and His promises to anchor us so deep and firmly that nothing that happens in our world can shake us.

Whenever we find ourselves becoming alarmed or concerned about the evil and treachery going on around us, it’s time to drive our faith stakes a little deeper by reminding ourselves of what God has said about our future. It likely will involve some pain and discomfort, but the ultimate outcome is worth it and assured.

When we reach or final destination, we will look back and wonder why we worried and fussed so much. Our earthly trials will seem so trivial and small compared to the eternity of being in the presence of our Lord. Why not adopt that attitude right now? It will make whatever comes along a lot easier to endure and will make us a lot more pleasant to be around.



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A wise man’s heart directs him toward the right, but a foolish man’s heart directs him toward the left–Ecclesiastes 10:2

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