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Details of the China-Iran Agreement

Iran is only one of several nations China plans to utilize in some interesting agreements. Since China couldn’t care less about the tense relations between Iran and Israel, negotiations are underway with Israel’s port cities of Haifa and Ashdod. China’s goal is to guarantee commerce for the host city by establishing a port in return for low or no tariffs on China’s products. Chinese leaders want to sell their products and gain economic footholds wherever they can.

Iranians not Happy

As to the details of the agreement with Iran, only select provision have been leaked (in Persian). Considering the consequences (mostly for Iran) in the leaked provisions, we can only imagine what is being kept secret. Based on what they know, the people of Iran are not happy about what is being forced on them. China will be investing in a 5-G cellular network that will allow Iran’s government to spy on its people just like the Chinese Communist Party does. This will be done by giving Iran limited access to China’s spy satellites.

The deal forces Iran to buy only Chinese-made weapons, places 5000 Chinese soldiers on the ground to protect China’s interests and allows joint military exercises in and around Iran. In fact, all the money given to Irfan must be spent on Chinese products. The way the deal is structured (from what we know), it appears that Iran will be flooded with Chinese products in a way that utilizes the Iranians as cheap labor for these products they are forced to buy. Consequently, China will pay for Iranian oil, not in money, but by providing cheap products.

The Iranian people are rightly concerned of what may happen if China suddenly doesn’t need Iran’s oil. Iran is still obligated for 25 years. To make matters worse, Iran is obligated to take China’s side in every conflict throughout the world. The days of Iranian autonomy are over. Suddenly the neighborhood bully has been out bullied and doesn’t seem to care. Iran’s leaders have never felt obligated to honor any agreement with anyone, but they are playing with fire in this case. This assumption, or course, does not consider the secret parts of the deal. Knowing the regional and global aspirations of both sides we shouldn’t underestimate either party.

Israel Gains

Now, with US sanctions less of a problem, Iranian leaders believe they can bully the new US administration into providing reparations for all the economic damages caused by the sanctions, doubling their “windfall.” Meanwhile, China is waiting expectantly for Joe Biden to lift the sanctions so China can more easily “move in.” Knowing how much Biden wants to make a deal with Iran, China feels certain that its plan will soon commence. The stronger Iran becomes, the more Iran’s enemies in the region will be forced to align with Israel for weapons, products, and intelligence gathering to keep Iran in check.

Other Hot Spots

While these are only the highlights of what we know about the deal, we can know that both China and Iran will soon feel emboldened., but in different ways. Iran is all about imposing its religion. China rejects all religions. It seeks economic domination that will provide military domination. Things are heating up all around the world. ISIS fighters have captured the city of Palma in NE Mozambique leaving beheaded bodies of residents and tourists strewn in the streets and abducting many young girls as sex slaves. Egypt had a horrible week in which a ten-story building collapsed, a train wreck killed 32, a massive fire destroyed a factory, and a bridge collapsed. All this happened while the world was watching the pileup in the Suez Canal after a massive Taiwanese container ship got stuck costing Egypt much-needed revenue.

Ever since Donald Trump was no longer in charge, the Houthis from Yemen have been launching un-maned drone strikes in Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile Iran continues to move into and through Syria while fortifying its new military base near the ancient city of Palmyra. While the mainstream news focuses on whatever they want you to believe, I will do my best to keep you posted regarding the really important events. Stay tuned.



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