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  1. The Saudi government is threatening to sell off hundreds of billions of dollars in assets the kingdom holds if Congress goes through with a bill that would allow American courts to hold the Middle Eastern nation responsible for any part in the 9/11 attacks.
  2. Netanyahu vows Golan Heights will remain part of Israel forever
  3. The Citadel Considers First-Ever Uniform Exception: Allowing A Muslim Hijab
  4. Welfare State: Will America Suffer the Downfall of Ancient Rome?
  5. Obama Makes Final Attempt to Destroy the US! He Just Undermined our National Security!
  6. IDF uncovers Gaza terror tunnel dug into Israeli territory
  1. UNESCO says no Jewish history on Temple Mount; Hebron and Bethlehem Integral part of Palestine
  2. Obama Destroying the US Military? Less than 1/3 of Marine Corps Aircraft is Airworthy!
  3. Hillary is Getting Paid to Lie About Islam
  4. Does Israel Need U.S. Jewish Support?
  5. ISIS is Collapsing
  6. Check out How Justin Trudeau of Canada plans to Handle Islamic Jihadists
  7. Trey Gowdy Just DROPPED A Truth Bomb On Obama! BREAKING NEWS
  8. U.S. Gives 680,000 Green Cards to Migrants from Muslim Nations
  9. IRS Chief Encourages Illegals to Steal Social Security Numbers


World from Space PAIDTo avoid despair over what’s happening around us, we must try to see current events from God’s perspective instead of our own. We tend to focus on what we think is best for us and our nation. God, however, has a much larger agenda and His focus is greater than us and our nation. To see the bigger picture, we should ask some pointed questions: What is His ultimate purpose? Where is He taking us and our world? What has He already told us about our future?


My meme is “It’s All Connected.” One of my chief goals is to show how nothing happens in a vacuum. The “cause andcause-and-effect effect” syndrome is happening all around us, and everything bad that is happening is the result of sin. In a sinful world what else should we expect? Our challenge is to figure out why God is allowing these things, but without understanding His ways, this will be impossible. Our mission is to be so familiar with God’s Word that we can recognize His actions today as being similar to what God has done before.

teach me your ways FREEDavid didn’t have the Bible as his guide. He begged God to teach him His way and lead him on a level path because of his foes (see Psalm 27:11). He wanted to recognize God’s activity in his life. With the benefit of the entire Bible (Old and New Testaments) we know that God not only wants us to understand His ways, but when we recognize His activity around us, it is an invitation for us to join Him in what He is doing. By joining Him in His work instead of doing something for God and asking Him to bless it, we can know for certain that what we are doing is according to His will. So, our challenge regarding the news is twofold. First, to recognize God’s activity, and second, to determine the best way to join Him.

map israel-lebanonI wish I could lay it all out for you, shedding great wisdom and understanding on the events of our day, but just like you, I’m struggling to understand it. However, I do believe that what I have just shared should help us take that first step. I also believe that understanding God’s dealings with Israel gets us started on the right foot. God chose Israel as the nation and people through whom He would make Himself known to the world. It makes sense that He would also reveal His ways at the same time.

Jesus crossAnother key to understanding God’s ways is to be intimately familiar with the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus told Philip that anyone who had seen Him (Jesus) had seen the Father (see John 14:9). To understand the ways of Jesus is to understand the ways of God.


The final key to better understand world events is having a basic understanding of biblical prophecy. Combine thisForetoldCoverSM compressed with an understanding of Israel’s history and the life of Jesus and we’re well on the road to understanding. These, of course, are huge and complex topics, so we’ll take it one step at a time.

This is what my new approach to the news is all about: seeing the hand of God in current events. I welcome your comments, and your insight in our joint venture as we seek hope in the midst of the chaos around us by recognizing the hand of God at work in leading us into and through fulfilled prophecy. Exciting, isn’t it?



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