The U.S. should pay attention to what’s happening in the Philippines.


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I recently had lunch with some friends who were sharing with me the situation back home in the Philippines. For their safety, I will not mention their names or the organizations with which they are affiliated. I am telling their story both to inform you as to what is happening there, and to alert you as to what is headed our way. The “story” shows what happens to a country led by self-serving politicians with neither foresight nor wisdom who are beholden to an American president with an agenda of his own.

Mindanao, the southern region of the Philippines, is controlled by Muslims who are intent on making it an autonomous Islamic state. They have been working to obtain official permission from the Philippine government, but the votes haven’t been there. Every time a vote goes against them, they respond with bombings, kidnapping, mass murders, and whatever they feel they can get away with. They have boldly murdered many soldiers in the Philippine military with impunity.

I asked why the army doesn’t take decisive action and end the threat once and for all. The answer was that there is too much pressure against such action from influential groups who are sympathetic to the Muslim claim that the region of Mindanao has always belonged to Muslims and that Catholics and others had, in the past, taken land and resources belonging to them. I was shocked to learn that a significant number of evangelical Protestant pastors were sympathetic to the push for an Islamic state. The other resistance to taking military action against the Muslim rebels was coming from the American President, Barack Obama.

While the claims the Muslims are making regarding their “right to the land” had historic credibility, the problem lies in the naiveté of the Christian pastors and others who believe that the Muslims of Mindanao simply want what’s rightfully theirs and self-government. The problem is compounded by a statute already on the books that would obligate the Philippine government to provide a substantial payment to the newly formed Islamic state. This payment would basically provide the funds to allow the Muslims to the south to form and equip their own military, build airfields, and likely, install missile bases.


Anyone who knows anything about Islam understands that the establishment of their own “state” would be just thecamels nose beginning. If you’re not familiar with the story of the Camel and the Arab, click on the link and you’ll catch a glimpse of the bigger picture. Compounding the Philippine problem is the presence of the Chinese who have established a presence on one of the many islands that make up the Philippines for the purpose of exploiting their rich natural resources. All of the above have happened over the years while those in power were asleep at the wheel.

Don’t think for a minute that all this has nothing to do with us. It is a living color picture of what is coming our way. Remember, one of the prime goals of Islam is world domination and the U.S. is the big prize. The process of turning our entire nation into one Islamic state is well underway. Check out some of myarticles, especially regarding the Muslim Brotherhood, and you’ll see what I mean. One article in particular, A Common Word, addresses the attempt to convince influential Americans, especially pastors, that Islamic attempts at bridge-building between the two faiths is in the best interests of both sides as well as America. Many pastors, as well as politicians, have already sold out to the idea and have become the American version of the Philippine pastors who unwittingly are setting the stage for their own demise.

My purpose for this article is to show that the Islamic goal of world domination is not the product of some conspiracy theory. It is very real, and people are dying in large numbers as the militants carry out their plans. Consider this article another wake-up call.



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