Christians have an obligation now that the election is over.



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democrat-logoSince the Democrats lost big time on November 8, what are they doing? Years ago, when politicians actually gave some thought to doing what was right for the people who elected them, those who lost on election day actually analyzed how their proposed and enacted policies and legislation had missed the mark. Back then, the goal was to do actually make life better for their constituents, who would reward them by continuing to vote for them.

According to news reports, Democratic leaders are huddling behind closed doors to plan their strategy for retaking control. Therein lies the problem. It’s all about retaking control. Becoming more responsive to real needs seems to be the last thing on their minds. It’s all about regaining power by whatever means are necessary. This proves that they haven’t yet learned anything from November 8. Their basic operating strategy is the very thing voters revolted against. Yet, they are so committed to their power-hungry agenda that they are blind to the reality of their situation.

This is the secular explanation of what happened. There’s another story that isn’t getting much press, and that’s the story of a greater power than the Democrats (and some Republicans) are seeking. I’m talking about the power of prayer. I’ve heard accounts of massive prayer vigils on November 8 where millions of Americans were crying out to God. We cannot discount the effect that prayer had on the results.

Throughout the Bible, God responded to the prayers of His people as they prayed for their nation. Yes it’s true that God is responsible for placing world leaders into their pre-ordained of prayer banner It’s also true that He listens to His children when they cry out to Him in repentance. If God listened to His people on November 8, then we would be foolish to stop praying now. We have been given the opportunity of a lifetime, and we must do our part, which is to pray for all our new national leaders.

We must pray that God would deal with them in such a way that they would become usable for God’s purposes. First of all, we should pray for their salvation, followed by a genuine desire to do what is best for our nation. To do this, they will need wisdom, understanding and discernment. They will also need perseverance and endurance to make it through the difficult times and protection from their enemies (including those across the political aisle.

Let’s not miss out on this great opportunity. Let’s be sure to pray for our nation’s new leaders every day. Our future depends on it.



As anti-Trump rallies nationwide turned hostile overnight with widespread reports of violence, looting, vandalism, and death threats against the president-elect and his supporters, police in numerous major cities were able to instill calm and regain control by handing out participation trophies to all millennial protesters who were enraged about losing the election, sources confirmed.

The shrewd tactic was the idea New York Police Officer Joe Butler, who has three twenty-something children himself, and noted to reporters Thursday that he remembered how his children “never had to deal with losing as they were growing up.”

“It’s a foreign notion to them. Even in sports-win or lose, everyone won, and everyone got a trophy no matter what. This is the millennial way,” he said. “So I had the idea – hey, why not startparticipation-trophy handing out participation trophies to the protesters, and telling them ‘Hey, you know what? You may have lost the election, but look-everyone gets a trophy. Everyone’s a winner.’

Seeing how the trophies had an instantaneous calming effect on the millennials and filled them with a sense of fulfillment and achievement, word spread quickly among police departments nationwide, and emergency trophies were procured by the thousands for use at the rallies.

At publishing time, police had regained control in cities across the country, and the crowds of now-content protesters were heading home with their trophies, according to sources.


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