This issue reveals how our dollar bill reflects Israel’s role in our nation’s founding.


I am consistently amazed as I delve deeper into the great Christian heritage of our nation and the depth of our ties to Israel and the Jewish people. Take a moment and pull out a one dollar bill. Look at the side with the pyramid and the eagle. Above the eagle’s head are thirteen stars forming the six-pointed Star of David surrounded by a cloud representing the glory of God. This design was not accidental. George Washington wanted a permanent memorial to the Jewish people for helping Washington’s soldiers in the American Revolution. How cool is that?

I write a lot about America’s relationship with Israel, but what, you may ask, makes Israel so special in the first place? Here are a few of the basics:

§        Of all the nations on earth, God chose Israel as  the one through which He  would make Himself known.Israel is the only nation ordained by God.
§        He refers to her as the “apple of His eye.”
§        The temple where God chose to be worshiped was on one of her mountains.
§        The Savior of the world lived, died, and was resurrected on her soil
§        God’s plans for the future of the world center on her, and she is the focus of the spiritual battle for control of the universe.
§        She is so important to God that He says that every nation that does not acknowledge the legitimacy, sovereignty, and special standing (in God’s eyes) of Israel will perish (Isaiah 60:2).

At the epicenter of Israel is Jerusalem, whose significance extends far beyond its political, religious, and geographic importance. Jerusalem is made up of two Hebrew words: Jeru and Salem. Jeru means “to lay down a foundation” or “to cast down from above.” It pictures Jesus being laid down from heaven as our chief cornerstone (Isaiah 28:16). Salem, means “peace,” or more specifically, “an inheritance of peace,” Its very name embodies the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

 President Obama has made his wishes known-Israel must give East Jerusalem to the Muslims for the capital of their new nation. I hope you can now see why this is an affront to Jews, to Christians, and to the one true God.


Satan is very aware of the significance of Jerusalem. He knows what it represents, and this is precisely why He wants it as his own. He is using Islam and his compliant puppets in leadership positions around the world to pull it off. He has made Jerusalem “the prize” for Muslims around the world. Remember, Jerusalem is Important to Muslims because it is where Islam demonstrated its triumph over Judaism and Christianity (in their eyes). This is the true significance & intended meaning of the Dome of the Rock. The loss of the land, including Old Jerusalem after the ’67 War was the greatest disaster & shame to befall the Islamic world. Why? Because such control calls into question the very truth of Islam itself. If Islam does not control Jerusalem, has it really superseded Judaism and Christianity?

Giving them Jerusalem (as Obama and the U.N. want to do) will validate their supposed superiority and embolden the entire Muslim world. America and Israel will pay a heavy price. As I have reported previously, the world, through the U.N. is preparing to declare the existence of a Palestinian state later this summer, regardless of Israel’s wishes. More than ever, we need to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.



If it’s true that we are here to help others, then what exactly are the others here for?