The facts on the ground suggest some serious problems for a future Palestinian state


Israel Map PaidPressure is mounting on Israel to do its part in bringing about a two-state solution. The recent Arab Summit made it perfectly clear that the Arab nations in the region intend to hold Israel responsible for a peace deal with the Palestinians that results in a Palestinian state. Such threats have to cause Israel’s leaders to shake their heads in disbelief. What more could they possibly do? Since the Oslo Accords, Israel has been the only party to make any concessions. Every land for peace transaction has resulted in more violence.

Clearly, the biggest obstacle has been and will continue to be the Palestinians’ refusal to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist as a sovereign nation. Twice Israel has offered statehood to the Palestinians and twice the offer has been refused. In both cases, the offer resulted in additional violence, never additional peace. Given the history of past attempts, it is ludicrous to expect anything different this time around. As long as Israel continues to exist, the violence and intransigence will continue.jew-arab kids

With all the attention being given to Israel’s supposed unwillingness to cooperate, little consideration has been given to the actual real-life changes that Palestinian statehood would likely bring. In June of 2015, the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion conducted a poll showing that a majority of Arab residents in East Jerusalem would rather live in Israel as citizens with equal rights rather than in a Palestinian state.

money bagEconomics appears to have been a major factor. Why would they trade Israel’s thriving economy for an unknown? In one of my recent YouTube programs I discus several reasons why a Palestinian state will fail economically.

Those claiming that a Palestinian state will be good for the Palestinian people should take a closer look at the facts. Some time ago, the UN General Assembly “officially” decided to recognize the Palestinian authority as a nonmember observer state. This has been enough to convince the Palestinians that they actually have a state (despite the fact that they meet none of the historically recognized and officially established requirements for statehood).

Their ability to evolve into an actual functioning state seems doubtful to me. A brief look back shows what we can expect in the future. The Oslo Accords gave the Palestinians self-rule. They soon had their own stamps, money, and even an airport. But it was not a real state, and it didn’t take long for everything to start breaking down.Hamas rockets

The Palestinian Authority lacks even the bare minimum requirements for creating a viable state; it cannot, for example, maintain a monopoly of force. A Palestinian state enacted tomorrow would likely be overrun by Hamas and other competing terrorist factions. Factor in the corruption and authoritarian rule of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and the prospects for success are reduced even more.

What surprises me the most is the idea that democracy will actually work within a new Palestinian state. We’re talking about Muslims here, and within Islam, democracy is incompatible with the uncompromising rule of Allah. Only Allah makes the rules and establishes laws. People have no say in the matter. They must simply obey what Allah has proclaimed.

Aside from Israel, there are no functioning democracies in the region. The people there are used to dictators and strongmen. They have no experience with true representative government. They wouldn’t know what to do with it once it was established.

Look at the reality on the ground today. Despite their so-called truces, the PA and Hamas are still two separate and divided groups with different agendas. They’ve never gotten along, and they probably never will. Beyond these two groups, there are many small factions, chiefly military ones, who will likely resist all efforts that promote a single central government.

dragon satanThese are but a few of the reasons why the likelihood of a successful and thriving independent Palestinian state is slim. So why is the world so intent on a two-state solution? Because the world is under the control of Satan and he hates Israel and the Jewish people. He wants them gone. From a military standpoint, an independent Palestinian state would aid in Israel’s destruction.

Perhaps Israel should approach the issue like Trump has suggested we deal with Obamacare. Let it stand, and soon it will collapse under its own weight. On the other side of the argument, every time Israel has given up territory in the name of peace, it has not ended well for her. Besides, the land belongs to God and He has already warned against dividing up His land. This is the best reason and the only one that really matters.



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