This week’s news plus a discussion of the role of Trump’s embassy announcement in biblical prophecy


Florida man gets 15 YEARS IN PRISON (plus another 15 years probation) for leaving BACON on mosque doorstep 

Sharia UK: Labour MPs call for Franklin Graham to be banned from UK ahead of visit

Archaeological Discovery Is Nightmare for Devout Muslims

Bulletproof Glass is now Racist

Washington May Allow 3rd Gender Option on Birth Certificates

How Millennials Need to Get Us Out of the Radical Islam Mess

How Robert Mueller Sabotaged Counterterror Training in 2012(MUST READ)


Liberalism: Woman Engaged to Marry Chandelier 

Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Uprising Against US

Questions to Ask Yourself About Radical Islam

Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital – What Does It Mean?

New Jersey Mosque Imam Calls for Genocide

New Religion In California Will Worship Man Made Messiah

Abbas says no future US role in peace process, threatens to void past agreements

Family Of NYC Bomber Release Unbelievable Statement

Report: Pentagon & HUD Lost $21 TRILLION! – Should We Look For A New Terror Attack To Cover This?


A “Last Days” Priority Question


This week’s news reveals that a large portion of the world’s population has completely lost (or abandoned) the ability to think rationally. Bulletproof glass is now racist; people can marry light fixtures; artificial intelligence is to be worshiped as the new Messiah, and law enforcement is the problem in the recent NYC bombing. To top it off, the Muslim/Arab world is coming unglued because President Trump had the audacity to state the obvious historical reality that Jerusalem should be recognized as Israel’s capital.

This recognition of reality is being presented as an insult to Muslims everywhere and as a valid reason for the U.S. to be removed from the peace process. This should be all the evidence we need to prove that the Palestinians (and all other Muslim leaders) have no interest in compromising with Israel to achieve peace. They want it all. They have convinced themselves through Satan’s delusions that they are entitled to it all and Israel must be eliminated.

President Trump’s announcement has caused many people to wonder if the move has set in motion the events necessary for the construction of the Third Temple. The furniture, garments,

Solomon’s Templenecessary accouterments, and “qualified” priests have been in the works for years. From what I understand, by the time the structure is completed, the Israelis will be ready to start the Temple functions.

All we know about this structure is that just before the 3-1/2 years of Great Tribulation begin, the Antichrist will show his true colors when he enters the newly built Temple, becoming the Abomination of Desolation (Dan. 12:11), declaring himself to be God. He will be everything that God and Christ are not. He will be evil personified, empowered by Satan himself.

 He will be the logical conclusion of the world system God has been warning His children to avoid. When the world rejects all the overtures of a loving God who is willing to die for their sins, they are choosing the only alternative, and that alternative will see its culmination and ultimate personification in the Antichrist.

When he imposes his evil will on the world in the middle of the seventieth week of Daniel (Dan. 9:27), he will do as Antiochus Epiphanes did to the Jews, only worse. With unprecedented arrogance, he will blaspheme the true God and will speak against the Most High. The world will worship him as God because of the miracles performed by the false prophet. He will be seen as the answer to all the world’s problems, and his influence will spread both politically and religiously throughout the world.

Prior to all this, he will appear as the answer to the world’s problems. He will convince Israel that he has their best interests at heart and they will make a pact with him. For 3-1/2 years people will be speaking of peace, not the peace they have been seeking, but the peace this man appears to have brought. It seems likely that it is during this time that the Temple will be constructed.

Therefore, before we get too excited about the Temple emerging, likely on the spot now occupied by the Dome of the Rock, we should first be on the lookout for the emergence of the Antichrist who

Dome of the Rock

will bring a false sense of peace to the world. Many Christians believe that the Rapture will occur before any of this happens. Others, including most Messianic Jews, believe that the Rapture will not occur until the middle of the 70th week of Daniel. Regardless of which is true, our responsibility is to be more concerned about our personal holiness than when the Temple will be rebuilt.

While a proper eschatological understanding is important, it pales in comparison to our oneness with God, our complete surrender to Him, and His willingness to trust us to rule and reign with Christ in the coming kingdom. When Christ comes, will He find us faithful to the end? Will He find us looking out for His interests, focused on His kingdom and His righteousness, or will we be consumed with fleshly desires, doing our own thing, content to have claimed the label of a “Christian”?


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