Here’s one example of how raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour will kill jobs.

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  1. McDonalds: Robots Waiting in the Wings, If Minimum Wage is Increased
  2. CAIR Official Stands by Memorial Day Criticism of US Troops
  3. Chaos in Venezuela, Former Chavez Notables Escape to Florida
    4. Swedish Sexual Abuse Victims Blamed for Migrant Assaults
    5. ICE Spending Millions of Your Money to Fly Illegals across US to Unite with Other Illegals
    6. Scrap metal from Twin Towers of 9/11 now part of USS New York
    7. Even More Insanity: College Students Marry THE OCEAN
    8. Are You Kidding? – UK Investigates Discrimination Against Women in Sharia Courts 
    10. Obama Speech in Japan Shows Naivete About War
    11. Joe Biden: Christians Violate Gay Rights Simply by Existing!
    12. The Left. vs. Israel (MUST READ)
    13. Yet Another Bizarre Subculture of Humans Who Want to Be Animals
    14. California Goes Full Fascist – Outlawing Global Warming Skeptics and their Guns!
    syrian refugee chr aid mission15. Bearing the Scars of Spiritual Battle (This article changed the way I pray for what’s going on in Syria and Iraq)
    16. By fall of 2017, Washington state schools will be teaching students as young as kindergartners about gender identity, and how the idea of gender is a social construct.


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The news in today’s post shows how crazy the world has become. Joe Biden claims that Christians violate gay rightsjoe biden simply by existing. Obama does everything but apologize to Japan for dropping the bombs that decisively ended WW II and saved America from the barbaric Japanese war machine. European nations are joining in the UN’s anti-Israel propaganda push, while Muslim nations are waking up to the reality of the stabilizing role of Israel in the Middle East.

Free speech is under siege around the world and the UK is wondering if Sharia Law favors men over women. Ya think? College students are marrying the ocean while Swedish women victims are being blamed for being assaulted by Muslim refugees. Within one of the above articles is the story of the man who paid $5000 to become more dog-like since he identified with dogs more than humans (I kid you not). The article didn’t say if he was allowed to use the fire hydrant of his choice or if he was being forced to use actual toilets. Then there’s the outrage over the killing of the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo.

dragon satanAll this sure sounds like the warning in 1 Timothy 4 that at some point some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons. It’s hard for me to imagine how the news could fit any better into this description, but it will. It will get worse. A lot worse. Consider how fast the evil of our day has come upon us since our nation, through its government, gave its official approval to homosexual marriage. We have officially mocked the holy institution that represents the relationship between Christ and His Church.

This comes over forty years after we officially decided that is was okay to kill babies in their mother’s womb if they came at an inopportune time or posed an inconvenience to their mother (or father). All this is just one reason why the upcoming election is so important. This is our last chance to turn things around (if this is even possible). We may be too far gone as a nation for redemption, but we must never give up. God’s children are to be salt and light in a saltless and dark world. We are to be looking out for our Master’s interests regardless of what happens to our nation. God cares more about His Church than the US of A. One will eventually fail. The other will not.

For the moment, however, we must do what we can to bring the necessary change and leave the results to God.



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