Sharing God’s Heart for Israel

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It’s time for a reminder—a reminder of something we know we should do, but we have so many things to pray for that this gets lost in the shuffle. I’m talking about praying for Israel’s salvation. The sad truth (for most of us) is that we love to focus in on verses like Romans 8:38-39 that tell us that nothing can separate us from the love of God. His unconditional love for us (that sent Jesus to the cross) assures us that He will never leave us or forsake us.

Unfortunately, the chapter breaks (man’s idea, not God’s) disrupt the flow to the beginning verses in Chapter 9 which let us know that God’s unconditional love applies also to the Jewish people. God created them to be the object of His affection. He also created them to tell the world about Him and His love for all people.

In chapter 9 Paul expresses his sorrow over their rejection of their Messiah and their failure to live out God’s purpose for them, especially their failure to love the God who created them as a special people. He expresses his willingness, if it were possible, to be cursed so that Israel could receive spiritual life. He understood God’s love for them. He had experienced it in his own life.


The messages of Chapters 9 through 11 in the book of Romans (taken in context of Chapters 8 and 12) show God’sThe love of God unending love for both Jews and Gentiles and remind us of His promises to those who are His children through faith in Messiah Jesus. The point is that just as He hasn’t and won’t abandon Israel, so He will remain faithful to us also. It’s all about God’s love and His unending desire for the salvation of Israel. Gentile believers like me need to be reminded that God has a special place in His heart for the Jewish people, even in their rebellion (against Him and His true children).

I can see God moving for the sake of Israel. One by one, the nations of the Middle East are starting to realize that Israel is not the enemy. They are seeing the need to become aligned with her if they are to resist their common enemies like Iran and ISIS. Egypt and Jordan are taking steps toward a stronger relationship with Israel. Even Saudi Arabia has been talking about moving in that direction.

In light of Israel’s importance to God, I’m reminding my readers to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the salvation of the Jewish people, spiritual fruit for those people and ministries who are laboring toward these ends, and for the people and leaders of Israel to recognize their dependence on God who is and will be for them even when all the nations of the world turn against them.



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