This week’s news plus a discussion of the reliability of our sources


Hungary’s New Electrified Border Wall, Watch Towers and Guards Outfitted with Machine Guns 

ABC News Journalist: Christian Persecution is not a real Problem, but Persecution of Muslims in America is

Franklin Graham Reveals the Real Reason Christians Are Being Persecuted

EMP Attack Threat Gets Credence from POTUS, Prep Underway 

Convicted murderer of six Israelis elected as Palestinian Mayor of Hebron

Bombshell: Blame Russia Spin began Within 24 Hours of Election Loss

Two steps back: Dem. Legislator pushes bill to guarantee teachers can’t shoot back at attackers

Roy Moore

GOP Threatening to Blackball Alabama Conservatives for Supporting Judge Roy Moore

Hamas-CAIR: It’s Unfair that Muslims are asked more about Terrorism than Trump Supporters

O Canada: Muslim Accommodation Gone Too Far?

Flashback: Obama claimed in Harvard essay, “the American dream is to be Donald Trump

Murdered DNC Staffer Was In Contact With WikiLeaks

Hillary Emerges from Woods, Launches “Resist” Trump “Dark Money” Organization

Pope Francis admits 2,000 Sex Abuse Cases before Vatican

For now, Trump rules out moving embassy to Jerusalem

Coincidence? Comey’s brother works for firm that does Clinton Foundation taxes

White House: Western Wall comments “unauthorized,” do not represent Trump’s stance

Obama DOJ Refused to Hire Veterans, Pressured Them to Withdraw Applications



Where do we get our Information?

This week has seen more evidence of accommodating the Muslim agenda to the degree that persecution of Muslims in America (a gross fabrication) is seen as a greater problem than the worldwide persecution of Christians (that is occurring at the greatest rate since statistics began to be gathered). The evidence is so overwhelming that it boggles the mind to imagine how such a belief could even be considered.

The tenacity with which these beliefs are held seems to indicate that in their minds, they are convinced that the evidence supports their conclusions. This is, of course, giving them the benefit of the doubt that they have actually searched for the truth. If this is the case, it raises a very important question: where do they get their information? From what authoritative sources do they glean their “facts?”

This isn’t the only news story that raises the same question. Politics has come to the place where a gullible public will believe anything that supports its currently held position. Fake news has now become commonplace. Once one unverified “news” story gains traction or has an impact, the urge to continue down that road is alluring. It appears to be addictive. Responsible journalism becomes a relic of the past.

While our control over where other people get their information is minimal, we can control where we get ours. Once we find what we believe to be a reliable source, we must be constantly vigilant to make sure a questionable story hasn’t found its way into the mix. When we want to verify it, we discover that some of the so-called watchdogs like Snopes are far from unbiased and are using their ill-gained reputation to promote their leftist views.

This is why I have chosen to focus on the only truly reliable source, the Word of God, when I attempt to make sense of the week’s news. The Word should be our only plumb line when drawing conclusions or making comparisons. This takes a conscious effort since we are bombarded with information from writers claiming to have an inside track or those who claim to have uncovered a secret document that holds the key to the world’s future. The Bible helps us to see the big picture so we don’t get hung up in questionable details.

This is not to say that other sources aren’t helpful in increasing our understanding. I have benefited greatly from books that have explained things I didn’t understand or offer insight or clarification. Ultimately, the most helpful resources were those that revealed God’s point of view as expressed in the Bible.

My point is to prompt you to consider where you are getting your information as you form your beliefs about life. Is it an unbiased and reliable source? Is it more opinion than fact? Is it free from bias? Has it stood the test of time? If you trusted in your parents to teach you correctly, where did they get their information? Is what they taught you based on verifiable facts? We should examine everything we’ve been taught. It may not be true.



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