Learn why President Trump’s bold upcoming announcement is going to stir up a hornet’s nest in the Middle East.


Jerusalem panorama 2

Jerusalem panorama

Dr. Mike Evans of the Jerusalem Prayer Team recently informed the JPT members of a private meeting he had on May 4 with President Trump, VP Pence, and key staff members. During that meeting, the President stated that when he meets with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on May 22, as part of Israel’s 69th birthday celebration, he will announce that the United States is officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. At that time, President Trump will receive the prestigious “Friends of Zion” award in recognition of his support for Israel and the Jewish people.

President Trump’s announcement will be a monumental “proclamation” equal to President Truman’s official recognition of the state of Israel in May of 1948. Many people have been wondering just where our President stands in light of the warm reception he gave to Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian National Authority. If President Trump follows through with this, it should remove all doubt.

President Abbas has made it clear that there will be no peace in the region until Israel gives up its “occupied territory,” an absurd claim considering the historical facts. President Trump’s

Western Wall at Temple Mount

Western Wall at Temple Mount

announcement will stir up a hornet’s nest for certain, but will also let the world know where the U.S. stands regarding Israel.

It will also place our nation in the protective hands of God, a far more important result. No previous American president has had the courage to make such a bold and provocative move. For certain, the entire Muslim world will come unglued over the announcement, but we must stand our ground. It’s the right thing to do despite the flack that will most assuredly be directed at the President.

The Muslim world will be furious since they will do anything to receive recognition as the legitimate owner of the Temple Mount in East Jerusalem, “Ground Zero” as far as biblical prophecy is concerned. History, of course is not on their side, but that has never stopped them before in their quest for critical pieces of land. History is clearly on the side of Israel when it comes to rightful ownership of the Temple Mount.

temple CC no attrib

Model of Herod’s Temple once on top of Temple Mount

The threshing floor that David purchased from Araunah the Jebusite (See 2 Sam. 24) was on Mount Moriah, a hill in the region of Moriah, the very spot where Abraham offered Isaac and the future site of Solomon’s Temple. This spot would later become known as the Temple Mount. David purchased it three thousand years ago and it has never been sold. The biblical account is as close to a recorded property deed as we will ever see. It is proof that the most controversial piece of real estate in the world belongs to Israel, free and clear. Click here for more background on Israel’s right of ownership to the Temple Mount.

To be honest, I never thought Donald Trump would be the man to realign our nation according to the will of God, but perhaps those weekly prayer meetings are having an impact. Please pray that other nations would see that the world has a leader worth following, and that they would echo our President’s proclamation. Even if they don’t, pray that President Trump will be strong and courageous, and will continue to make God-honoring decisions.

Click here for background information regarding the recognition of Jerusalem as the proper location of the U.S. Embassy.



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