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If you have the time, I highly recommend this report from Amir Tsarfati regarding what is happening in Israel right now including the threat from Islam


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Israel’s Hopes for Peace

Few ever thought Gulf Arab States and Saudi Arabia would be partnering with Israel in any way. Granted, Trump’s “Deal of the Century” has only a handful of participants, but it’s a great start. Concerns about Turkey and Iran have developed into mutually beneficial new relationships that are changing the dynamics in the Middle East. Ideological shifts are causing long-held prejudices to disappear, at least on the surface.

What Does it Mean?

What are we to make of all this? For the moment, the loss of support from the United States (with Biden in the White House) is, to some degree, offset by the winds of change blowing through the region. By normalizing relations with Israel, these nations hope they can be part of a solution to the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. This would make their new ties with Israel even more beneficial.

The Two-State “Solution”

For years, a two-state solution has been discussed. The Palestinians have rejected every proposal that recognizes the sovereignty of Israel. For years, all the “land for peace” deals have been a disaster for Israel. Can Israel’s new friends help to break the stalemate? Will these new ties actually bring peace, and if so, for how long? Whatever benefits result, the Bible reveals that they will not last long for three clear reasons:

1.   If a two-state “solution” remains on the table, we know from Joel 3:1-2 that it will not end well. God does not look kindly on those who divide up His land which has been allocated for Israel (Psalm 105:8-11). Regardless of how good such a proposal appears, if God doesn’t approve, all participants, Including Israel, are in deep trouble.

2.   Isaiah 30:1 reveals God’s hatred of foreign alliances. Israel was to seek their God for protection and prosperity, not other nations. “Woe” indicates that judgment will be the only certain outcome.

3.   Deuteronomy describes the blessings that would follow Israel’s obedience and the and the promised curses if Israel disobeyed. With the exception of a small remnant, Israel has walked away from God. Most Jews today are atheists or agnostics, and the most fervent (legalistically) are just like the Pharisees. The Israelites continue to be a rebellious, stubborn, and stiff-necked people. The consequences of their disobedience are clear. Difficult days lie ahead for Israel.

Israel’s Only Hope

Israel’s only hope lies in God’s faithfulness to keep His promises to Israel as outlined in the various covenants. Worldly discussions of peace based on man’s best plans are, in the end, nothing but jibber jabber. Here are some articles that will provide some historical background so you won’t get caught up in all the lies regarding Israel’s right to exist in the land that God promised:



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