This week’s news and how we should respond

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    2. Small Non-Profit Heroically Frees ISIS Sex Slaves
    3. Obama prepared to name gay bar a national monument
    4. Secretary Of State John Kerry Is Promoting a Borderless World
    5. Israel turns 68 with 8.5 million people, 10 times more than in 1948
    6. Alabama Suspends Chief Justice for Standing Up for Traditional Marriage!
    7. Turkey – The Back Door for Terrorism
    8. Muslim Religious Leader Calls for the Execution of Homosexuals!
    9. In her own words, Irina shares the promise she made to God and how He miraculously redeemed her life
    10. Prime Minister Warns: Anti-Semitic Lies Preceded Holocaust
    11. Socialism Forcing Citizens to do the UNTHINKABLE for food in Venezuela
    12. Is the Military Doctoring Reports on ISIS & Covering it Up?
    13. Christians Threatened By Muslim Refugees: Care To Guess Why?
    14.New London Muslim Mayor Warns Trump: Let In Muslims Or THEY WILL….
    15. The Arab-Israeli owner of a Columbus restaurant that was attacked by a machete-wielding terrorist in February said he now feels compelled to fight anti-Semitism and educate others about the Jewish state.


a tested faithOur nation barely survived nearly eight years of Barack Obama (and paid a heavy price), but there’s no reason why every believer’s faith shouldn’t be stronger now than eight years ago. That’s what’s most important. A real faith is a tested faith, and we’ll never know what we’re really made of until we are forced to believe when all seems lost.

What we’re facing is nothing compared to what believers in other parts of the world have been enduring for decades. Yet, we can see things around us spiraling downward at an alarming rate. We’re seeing the left enraged that we want to separate restrooms into men’s and women’s. A very clear enemy want to kill us and we’re going overboard not to hurt their feelings. Gutter politics has sunk to a new low.

Yet, in spite of this, our faith should be strong because we know what our future holds. Things looked more thanwalk by faith bleak for Joseph, but look how that turned out. We are to walk by faith and not by sight because we’re not seeing the bigger picture of what God is doing behind the scenes. This doesn’t mean that things won’t get difficult for us, but that’s not the point. God wants us to see things from His perspective, through His eyes, and to avoid getting caught up in how bad things are. I think He wants us to be prepared for what’s coming, but to live in light of eternity.

heaven is my homeThis is not our home. We’re only passing through, and we need to be reminded of this. While we’re preparing for what’s coming here on earth, God is preparing us for an eternity with Him. Let’s not lose sight of that and to glory in our high calling. For all true believers in Jesus Christ, we have been chosen in Christ for a purpose, and that purpose is to be holy and blameless before God. That’s our calling, regardless of what’s happening around us. Let’s live in light of the fact that we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in heaven, our real home.



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