Why are more and more Christian Republicans becoming Disillusioned with their Party?


It’s senseless for Christians to put their faith in a political party. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be part of one. Wevoting booth PD should. We are called to influence the culture including the country’s politics. The problem lies in the fact that those who rise to the top of a secular political organization will become corrupted by the system, which is, by nature self-serving.

It didn’t start out that way. Our nation began as a noble experiment with noble goals, run by noble-minded men. Over time, as our nation became stronger, the tendency was to forget about the God who made us so strong through our original dependence on Him.

As any society becomes more secular, political parties become more divided, and more and more people vote for those who promise to make their life better. The problem is that the longer the representatives are in office, the more self-serving they become. The noble goals they espoused when they began their political career have been gobbled up by the political machine that now rules them.

To make matters worse, it doesn’t take decades for the corruption to take hold. There is a sizable number of recently elected Republican senators and representatives who have already disappointed the electorate with their rapid defection from their campaign promises.

republican party logoThis brings me to my main point. I just read an article written by Onan Coca and published by Eagle Rising entitled “More Christians No Longer Feel at Home in the Republican Party.”

It got me thinking about why this is so true. It didn’t take long for some spiritual truth from God’s word to put things into perspective. Jesus said that we’re either for Him or against Him. There’s no middle ground. Before we became a Christ follower and were born again, we were under the control of Satan, whether we want to admit it or not. This is driven home in the eighth chapter of John.

This means that every non-Christian in political office, regardless of how upstanding he or she may appear, is under the control of Satan. This is a simple spiritual fact. This doesn’t mean that such a person can never accomplish anything good. God has used and will continue to use unbelievers to accomplish His purposes. It does mean, however, that unbelievers are still under Satan’s control, and are susceptible to his corrupting influence.

This reminds me of a quote from John Adams:

“There is no government armed with power which is capable of continuing with human passion if those passions are not bridled by morality and religion… Our constitution was made more a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other.”


My point is that the more secular our nation becomes, the less Christians will have in common with their political party. It’s bound to happen, and it’s happening big time in the Republican party. The current infatuation with Donald Trump by so many so-called evangelicals is symptomatic of several problems. In my opinion, their belief that Mr. Trump is a “winner” who will get things done has overshadowed the fact that he meets all thecharacteristics of a fool as spelled out in Proverbs.

Christian are to seek wise leaders, which eliminates anyone who openly boasts that he has never asked God forwisdom forgiveness. Well, enough about Donald Trump.

Christians have only one truly wise leader, and as He is increasingly dismissed from public life, His followers must shore up their allegiance to Him. He is in the business of building His church, and that often clashes with politics. The goals of Christ run counter to the unstated goals of both political parties which, remember, are run by those under Satan’s control.

persecutionYet, there’s a larger issue at stake here. If Christ’s goal is to build His Church, we must try to see the bigger picture and not get caught up in what we think is best for the country. Jesus is concerned for what’s best for His Church, and historically, His Church has grown the strongest when it has had to resist persecution. As long as we can maintain our comfortable weekly gatherings complete with cafes offering coffee and donuts, we really don’t need God, and our faith will remain weak and untested. While no one welcomes persecution, it’s absolutely necessary to produce a tested faith.

My suggestion is to take our focus off the politics of the current election circus and pray for what is best for the Church…whatever that may look like.

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