This week’s news plus The Christian Response to the Devastation from Two Major Hurricanes



Report: Majority of Today’s Youth Won’t Be Fit for Military Service

Obama Becomes The Nations Most Costly Former President

Texas Amasses Army of Wild Animals to Fight Deadliest Animal in Flooded Houston

Homeland Security: Antifa Are Domestic Terrorists

Rahm Emmanuel Revises Reality to Dump Trump from Chicago Schools

Christian Beaten to Death by Muslim Classmates

Shots Fired: Leftists Declare War on Harvey Rescue Efforts

Pro-Islam Indoctrination in Public Schools?

40 Percent Of Americans Now Prefer Socialism To Capitalism

Now That Children of LGBT Parents Are Grown, They’re Revealing Sick Reality

Prosecutors says Democrat Senator Sold His Office for Lavish Trips

Proof that Mass Voter Fraud Swung New Hampshire Election?

Democrat Leaders say Christians Can’t Serve as Federal Judges

Scaly Squatter: Houston Resident Meets Monster Gator in Flooded Home

Experts Stunned After Seeing Freak Change Harvey Made to Earth’s Crust

Sweet Justice! Cops Arrest Hurricane Looters after News Crew Catches them Red-Handed!

Data shows Christian Nonprofits Provided More Hurricane Relief than FEMA

Court Case: Saudis Funded 9/11 Dry Run

Emergency Murder Funds Allotted for Harvey Victims to get Abortions 

Contractors: Clinton State Department Silenced Us On Benghazi Security Lapses

Seattle’s Gay Democratic Mayor Resigns After 5th Sexual Abuse Allegation

Angela Merkel’s Plan for North Korea Just as Bad as Her Border Policies

Shock: US Navy Reveals What Really Happened in the USS John McCain Catastrophe

Photo of Black Lives Matter convoy headed down to Texas to save black lives and rebuild black communities.

Birds of a Feather… Planned Parenthood & Satanists Join Hands to Promote Murder of the Unborn in Missouri

If You’re Christian You Need to Watch This

Obama Returning To Politics This Fall, Will Hold Summit To “Change The World



The Christian Response

Since we evacuated ahead of Irma, today’s post includes newsarticles from the past two weeks. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have left trails of death and destruction like no storms in our nation’s history. They have also left a trail of unanswered questions such as, “Was this part of God’s judgment on America?”

We can’t know for certain, but we do know that judgment is certainly warranted. Some claim that weather is weather. End of discussion. Others remind us that even the wind and the sea obey Jesus. We can debate the cause, but the only thing we can control is our response as individuals and churches. What will we do now that the storms have dissipated?

Hundreds of thousands don’t have the luxury of deciding. Those who survived the worst of these storms must find a way to rebuild, not just their homes, but their lives. Many must rebuild without their family members who didn’t make it. For these people, the grief and the nightmare won’t end soon. They are desperate for any kind of help they can get.

Some of us are thanking our Heavenly Father that our families and our homes were spared, but this is not the time to move on with our lives as though nothing happened. I feel as though God is watching to see how His people will respond. If these storms were part of His judgment, He has given us yet another chance to show Him that we get “get it.”

I was just reading in Luke about John the Baptist’s message of repentance to the people (chapter 3). He warned them to bring forth fruits in keeping with repentance and to stop thinking they were okay because they were sons of Abraham. When the people asked him what they should do, he explained what “fruits in keeping with repentance” looked like.

He told them, “Let the man who has two tunics share with him who has none.” He gave more examples, but for God’s people in America, we needn’t go on. The message is clear. Will we demonstrate a heart of flesh that beats the blood of our Savior, or will we hang onto our heart of stone, turning our backs on those in need?

As one of the articles shows, Christian non-profits are providing more relief support than FEMA. This is the way it should be. Christians have the opportunity of a lifetime to display the love of Christ to a multitude of hurting people. We can capture the spotlight for Christ and finally do what we sing about on Sunday morning-lifting God’s name on high and magnifying it for all to see.

What will our churches do? What will we do? God is waiting for our response.



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