1337. NOT I BUT CHRIST Part 12

The cure for escaping “Christian mediocrity” has been God’s plan all along. Continue reading

1255. The Heresy of Vicarious Law-Keeping

Are believers today righteous because Jesus kept the Law for us? Continue reading

1213. Israel’s Sermon on the Mount

You may not have realized that the Sermon on the Mount was for national Israel, not Christians. Now that I have your attention… Continue reading

300. Shariah in America?

Shariah in America? Continue reading

129. Obama Presses to Push S.T.A.R.T.

This edition looks at Shariah law and anti-Semitism in Britain, Canada’s continued support for Israel, a possible Israeli military strike against Iran, Islamic intimidation in the U.S. and Obama’s pressure to push S.T.A.R.T. Continue reading

128. The Ministry of Angels

This issue looks at the ministry of angels as they serve God’s elect. Continue reading