How are we doing in combating the establishment of Shariah in America?


This is the 4th in my series on Sharia in America. While it may appear that throughout the world there are variations in shariah, the truth is that, with regard to non-Muslims, there is ultimately but one shariah. Shariah’s adherents are making a determined, sustained, and well-financed effort to impose it on all Muslims and non-Muslims, alike. That effort is abetted enormously by several factors. By offering little meaningful opposition to the jihadist agenda and by meekly submitting to it, a large number of Muslim communities and nations generally project a tacit agreement with jihadis’ ends, if not with their means.

At the very least, they exhibit an unwillingness to face the consequences of standing up to shariah’s enforcers within Islam. Such consequences include the distinct possibility of being denounced as an apostate, a capital offense under shariah. There are, moreover, Muslims around the world – including some in Europe and the United States – who do support shariah by various means.

These include: (1) by contributing to “charity” (zakat), even though, according to shariah, those engaged in jihad are among the authorized recipient categories for what amounts to a mandatory tax; (2) by inculcating their children with shariah at mosques or madrassas; and (3) by participating in, or simply failing to report, abhorrent behavior condoned or commanded by shariah (e.g., underage and forced marriage, honor killing, female genital mutilation, polygamy, and domestic abuse, including marital rape.

Evidence of the extent to which shariah is being insinuated into the fabric of American society abounds, if one is willing to see it. A particularly egregious example was the 2009 case of a Muslim woman whose request for a restraining order against her Moroccan husband who had serially tortured and raped her was denied by New Jersey family court Judge Joseph Charles. The judge ruled on the grounds that the abusive husband had acted according to his Muslim (shariah) beliefs, and thus not with criminal intent.

Fortunately, in this instance, a New Jersey appellate court overturned the ruling in July 2010, making clear that in the United States, the laws of the land derive from the Constitution and the alien dictates of shariah have no place in a U.S. courtroom. Still, the fact that such a reversal was necessary is instructive.

Few people understand the nature of the jihad being waged to impose it here. To be sure, since 9/11, most in this country have come to appreciate that America is put at risk by violent jihadis who launch military assaults and plot destructive attacks against our friends and allies, our armed forces and our homeland. Far less recognizable, however, is the menace posed by jihadist enemies who operate by deceit and stealth from inside the gates.

The first thing to understand about the jihadis who operate by stealth is that they have precisely the same dual objectives as the openly violent jihadists (including al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and the Taliban): global imposition of shariah and re-establishment of the Islamic caliphate to rule in accordance with it.

They differ only with respect to timing and tactics. In fact, the seemingly innocuous outreach tactics of dawa (the invitation to come to Islam before engaging in a jihad against them) are merely part of the initial stages of what the U.S. military would call “Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield” that is calculated favorably to sculpt the terrain preceding the ultimate, violent seizure of the U.S. government and replacement of the U.S. Constitution with shariah.

U.S. national security leaders, academia, the media and society as a whole have been rendered all but incapable of recognizing this dimension as part of the enemy jihad. A number of factors have contributed to that lack of situational awareness. For one, it follows decades during which pride in American heritage, traditions and values steadily has eroded and pro-sharia sheikhs have poured millions into U.S. Middle East studies programs.

At the same time, a massive information operation has targeted Western society. Its immediate goal is to obscure the fact that jihadist violence and more stealthy supremacism is rooted in the Islamic texts, teachings, and interpretations that constitute shariah. The net result of these combined forces is that the United States has been infiltrated and deeply influenced by an enemy within that is openly determined to replace the U.S. Constitution with shariah.


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