What kind of thinking results in a love affair with your nation’s enemy?   

Why the Left Loves Islam



After the attacks of 9/11, a church in the Columbus area sent an interviewer to the Ohio State campus to get students’ answers to two simple questions. Their answers were recorded so Americans could hear word for word what is happening to the minds of our future leaders on campuses across America. I am convinced that the same questions, if asked today, would result in the same answers on any secular campus in the nation.

In the first question, the interviewer asked several students if they believed that all religions should be respected as equally valid. The following seven responses were typical:

“Absolutely. People are entitled to their own opinions.”

“Sure. Everybody has his own beliefs, you know. You don’t have to agree, but you should respect everyone’s beliefs.”

“We should definitely respect everyone for how they feel.”

“You should always respect other religions regardless of what they are.”

“I think they should. That’s one of the things America was founded on—freedom of religion.”

“I think definitely they should. I like to think of religion as sort of a big wheel. At the center is God. All the different spokes going to the center are the different religions, and I think while they’re all different, they all do have some truth to them, and they all should be considered valid.”

Since they all seemed to be in agreement, it was then time for the second question. The interviewer asked the respondents to consider the Islamic men involved in the 9/11 attack that killed nearly 3,000 people. If that is what their religion teaches, was that a valid expression of their religion? Should it be respected?”

Without hesitation, the first young man responded. “No, I don’t think so. Anything….. Well, see….. It’s really controversial.” After a brief moment of introspection, he apparently realized his dilemma. “You’ve got me there. I really don’t know where I stand on that, you know.”

His companion was equally perplexed. “I really have no idea. I don’t know what to do. If it’s sincerely part of their religion, then how justified is that religion in killing people?”

“I guess it goes back to what you believe. If you believe it wholeheartedly…but I don’t know. That’s something I could never do.”

As the mic was passed to the only one left who was willing to respond, the interviewer must have wondered if they all had waffles for breakfast. There was a pause as he apparently was trying to process two thoughts he had obviously never previously connected. “I don’t respect it. I know that probably contradicts what I said before.”

The interviewer then tried to wrap things up. “I hear you all saying two things. You don’t agree with what they did and you think it was wrong, but you don’t have any standard by which to judge them.” He asked for a final comment from the young man who had just spoken.

“Um, well…ah… You got me. Well, I guess if I was raised the way they were, I probably wouldn’t think it’s wrong, but the way I was raised in America and with my beliefs… I don’t necessarily think it’s right, but if I were in their shoes, I might have done the same think. I don’t know….. That’s really tough.”

There you have it. Like programmed robots, they spit out what they had all been force fed by their postmodern professors. They had all been taught that it was intolerant to say that anyone’s beliefs are wrong. The message they had been taught is that everybody gets to be right except those who claim their beliefs to be exclusively true. These are branded as narrow-minded, intolerant bigots.

The students’ responses to the second question show the result of this kind of teaching. What is amazing is that the exclusive claims of Islam are never placed into the “bigoted” category, despite the fact that the religion is fueled by in intense hatred and intolerance for Jews and Christians, and it promotes killing the enemies of Islam. Christians, on the other hand, who are taught to love their enemies, seem to be the only group to regularly win the “Bigot of the Year” award.

To me, this raises an interesting question: Can a statement be truthful and hateful at the same time? I don’t see how. If a statement is accurately and without embellishment representing the facts, it is in no way hateful, even if it offends someone. This gets to the heart of the issue when attempting to truly understand our enemies. In a postmodern culture, you make up your own truth as you go along. You see things as you want to see them, not as they are. The results are usually illogical. Ask a postmodernist, “Do you really believe that absolute truth does not exist, and that all truth is relative?” The answer is usually, “Absolutely.” The postmodernist insists that nothing can be known for sure. My question to that is: “Does that include the statement you just made?”

We must understand that postmodernism has prevented many Americans from learning how to think through an issue. It is especially true when it comes to understanding our enemies. Let me show you what I mean. Postmodernism violates the law of non-contradiction, which says that if two claims (A & B) are contradictory, there are three options: “A” is right and “B” is wrong, “B” is right and “A” is wrong, or they are both wrong. The point is that they both can’t be right.

Having been brainwashed by their postmodern professors, the students in the interview couldn’t grasp this. Assuming that they really knew the contradictory beliefs of Islam and Christianity, they just couldn’t bring themselves to say that the beliefs of the attackers could actually be…wrong.


I have taken this little side trip into postmodernism to help explain why the left loves Islam. I also want to point out that the enemy isn’t always identified by what he wears, looks like, or how he speaks. Satan, our ultimate enemy, knows us as well as he knows Scripture. He knows that “as a man thinks within himself, so he is” (Proverbs 23:7). He wants man to reject not only the truth of the Bible, but truth itself. He will then stay in darkness, never comprehending right from wrong, truth from error, or friends from enemies.

Consider to response to the recent “mass-shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio. The word most often used to describe them is “tragedy.” Eighteen years after 9/11, the horrible events are, likewise, still described as a tragedy, as if they could be equated to a flood, a hurricane or a bridge collapse that claimed many innocent lives. While the results of 9/11 were tragic, the events themselves were aggressive acts of war fueled by intense hatred toward Americans.

To me, it’s simple logic to see it this way. Not so for those on the left. One reason is that political correctness is alive and well on our campuses, and it’s not politically correct to criticize other cultures, no matter how wicked they may be. Some very red flags should go up in the minds of those who are able to put two and two together.

Our nation was attacked by a group that is determined to destroy us and we were told we should try to understand them better. Apparently, many Americans attempted to do just that. The 9/11 attacks made Muslims the most popular speakers on radio, TV, and in schools across America. If that wasn’t enough, tens of thousands of Americans responded to the attacks by converting to Islam.

The American news media also jumped on the band wagon. Students at Columbia University were told by ABC News President David Westin that objectivity forbade his judging the propriety of flying a jet full of people into the Pentagon. This is the same media that denounced Israel’s assassination of Hamas leaders while remaining silent while the Hamas-trained suicide bombers murder innocent Israeli women and children. Do you see a pattern here?

Islamic leaders aren’t stupid. They have turned America’s love affair with tolerance into a powerful weapon that will weaken us from the inside out. Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan once presided over a UN seminar on “Islamophobia,” lamenting the plight of the world’s aggrieved and misunderstood Muslims. Give me a break. What’s to misunderstand about slaying your enemies to spread your religion?

Historian Will Durant called the Muslim takeover of India “the bloodiest story in history.” In this high point in Islam’s history, more Hindus were slaughtered by Muslims than Jews were killed by Nazis. The last time I checked, the Islamic game plan hadn’t changed much, except that the targets are now limited primarily to Christians and Jews and anyone suspected of forsaking Islam for another religion.

Two years after 9/11, a Wall Street Journal editorial pointed out that two thirds of the world’s political prisoners were held in Muslim countries, which carry out 80% of all executions each year. At the same time, Baroness Caroline Cox, a member of the British House of Lords, reported that more than 160,000 Christians would be martyred that year, and that Islamic authorities and governments would kill most of them. These facts seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Today the statistics are much worse.

My point is that today’s political left is the quintessential expression of postmodern thinking in which logic is irrelevant, facts don’t matter, and welcoming and embracing your greatest enemy becomes easy. Muslims have been trained to play along for the moment, utilizing every tactic shared with the left to gain a foothold wherever postmodernism has rendered the populace incapable of logical thinking. The left loves Islam because both use deception, and as there is honor among thieves, they have a twisted respect for those who see the world as they do.



If you refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to liquor, You may be a Muslim.

–Jeff Foxworthy



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