Despite the claims, the reality of Islam is clear and it’s not good for America.



The Reality of Islam

While we in America sit idly, mesmerized by our life of instant gratification, fast food, and limitless pleasures, the enemy is busy preparing for our destruction right under our noses. Financed largely by Saudi Arabian interests, the Muslim invasion of America has already infiltrated our schools, our prisons, our military, and not unexpectedly, our mosques. The very real dangers lie in the extreme Muslim doctrines of Wahabism. Its founder, ibn Abd al-Wahhab, taught that jihad, according to the prophet Muhammad, always meant a holy war against the infidels. Forget the nonsense about a “spiritual struggle.” It was always about war.

According to Wahhab’s teachings, those embracing false faiths, including Muslims who had tainted Islam with outside influences, were to be converted or killed. Mass murder is simply a means of drawing closer to Allah. His followers still dream of restoring Islam to its former greatness by engaging in a jihad whenever and wherever necessary. The idea of jihad being an inner spiritual struggle came much later and has become a very secondary meaning. It is so secondary that the founders of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood have renounced it as a false teaching.

According to the Muslim Group of America, there were 1462 mosques in the U.S. in 2007, most being founded in the last 25 years. While estimates of the Muslim population in America vary from 2 million to 7 million, we know from non-Wahabi Muslims that approximately 80% of all mosques in America are under the control of Wahabi imams and are subsidized by Saudi Arabia.

This is a major threat because followers of the Wahabi brand of Islam are committed to using whatever means are necessary to spread their religion worldwide. Coexistence with other religions is not an option. For those who think all religions are really the same anyway, please note that followers of Wahabism are dedicated to the suppression of women and to the death penalty for sexual transgressions, alcoholic consumption, and conversion to another religion. Their beliefs are fed by hatred, especially toward Israel and America. Much of this hatred is fueled on university campuses across the country from input by the Muslim Student Association, known to have strong Wahabi affiliations.


It should be clear that “toleration” has no place in Wahabism or Islam in general. We will never understand the enemy if we don’t understand this important fact. It has been argued that Islam is a religion of peace, and that terrorists have misinterpreted many verses of the Koran, which are, in fact, verses of peace and coexistence. In Sura 109 of the Koran, for example, Muhammad says to the unbelievers, “You have your religion and I have mine, so let’s just leave each other alone.” The problem is that the mainstream of Islamic theology throughout the centuries has taught that the verses advocating peace and coexistence have been abrogated and are no longer in effect. In contrast, the verses requiring violence against unbelievers are the ones that must be followed.

The other confusing element in Islam is the issue of religious deception. The prophet counseled his followers that “war is deception,” and that if it was necessary to lie to protect the Muslim, then so be it. This is, in fact, supported directly by the Koran. Verse 28 of Sura 3 says that Muslims should not take unbelievers as friends, unless it is as a precaution against them. In other words, don’t take the unbeliever as a friend unless it can strengthen your position against him. Consequently, we can’t believe anything we hear from American Islamic advocacy groups. Their smooth sounding words are, in fact, part of a carefully orchestrated plan of deception to lull us to sleep.

It is also argued that criticism of the Koran is unfounded because the Koran cannot be understood unless read in its original language. The truth is that it is nearly impossible for anyone to make sense of the Koran in its original language without some kind of assistance. About one fifth of it is unintelligible. It wasn’t written in classical Arabic. Scholars aren’t quite sure just what it is.

Another problem is that this kind of information isn’t getting into the hands of the people who need to hear it. On the other hand, the Council on Islamic-American Relations with half a million dollars from the Saudis, are filling libraries across America with their version of truth. Unfortunately, millions of Americans seem to be willing to accept it. If you are prompted to do something to counter this trend, I would suggest that you check out

It is no coincidence that many of the products of the Muslim advocacy groups are showing up on America’s university campuses. The myths of Islamic toleration coupled with the political correctness of toleration across America have produced a situation that has already passed the danger zone. The prevalence of postmodern teaching and thinking on the same campuses has rendered many American students unable to believe that anything can actually be “wrong,” even the belief that America must be destroyed. Their submission to tolerance has left them not only powerless against their enemies, but willing participants in their own demise.


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