This issue looks at some recent examples of international anti-Semitism, analyzes the rebuilding of Babylon, uncovers another “secret word” within Islam, and shows the proper way to refer to page numbers.


A famous poll a couple of years back found that 59 percent of Europeans regard Israel as the greatest threat to world peace. In Germany, it was 65 percent; Austria, 69 percent; the Netherlands, 74 percent.

For a glimpse of the future, consider the the bizarre circumstances of the recent Davis Cup First Round matches in Sweden. Who knew which team the Swedes would draw? Could it have been Chile or Serbia? Alas, it was Israel. Malmo (the site of the match) is Sweden’s most Muslim city, and citing security concerns, the local council ordered the three days of tennis to be played behind closed doors.

This was supposed to be their big day, but the vast stadium was empty, except for a few sports reporters and team officials. Just outside the perimeter, demonstrators were chanting, “Stop the match!” and, “We want to kill all Jews worldwide” (as demonstrators in Copenhagen had declared just a few weeks earlier). By all accounts, it was a great match with good sportsmanship on both sides. All newspaper reports failed to mention that by the end of the match the Israeli players had the crowd, small as it was, with them all the way. Outside, flags fluttered — Jordan’s, America’s, Saudi Arabia’s, Egypt’s, Palestine’s, but not Israel’s.

It was reminiscent of the “road map” summit held in Jordan just after the U.S.invasion of Iraq. The leaders of Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the U.S. president, all the A-list dictators of the Arab League were there. Inside the swank resort, it was all very collegial,
smiles and handshakes. Outside, flags fluttered — Jordan’s, America’s,
Saudi Arabia’s, Egypt’s, Palestine’s, but not Israel’s.


Joel Rosenberg reports:
Keep your eye on Iraq. As the country once wracked with unimaginable violence becomes increasingly stable and secure, direct foreign investment is going to flood in, and the region once known as “Babylon” and “Babylonia” will become the wealthiest country on the planet.

Exxon Mobil, the world’s largest company, for example, is positioning itself to become a major investor in the Iraqi energy sector. Other major oil companies are doing the same. The Iraqi government in recent months has been developing investment incentive packages to draw in such companies. This week, in fact, such energy companies will actually begin bidding for licenses to develop Iraq’s immense but badly atrophied oil exploration, drilling, and refining industry. Consider this morning’s headline from the Associated Press: “World’s big oil companies prepare for return to Iraq.” And this is just the beginning.

Bible prophecy says ancient Babylon, Iraq, will be rebuilt and become the greatest center of wealth, commerce and power in the “last days” of history. The books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Revelation are explicit on this subject. Skeptics and cynics abound, to be sure, but the fact is the actual ancient city Babylon is being rebuilt right now, in part with U.S. taxpayer funds. Iraqi leaders hope that eventually millions of tourists will come to visit, and real progress is being made.

I (Ed) am one of the “skeptics” because of Jeremiah 50:13 & 39, which say that (because of her wicked history) Babylon will never again be inhabited. She will remain desolate forever. Alexander the Great tried to rebuild Babylon as the capital of his worldwide empire and God struck him dead. Perhaps God will wait for the first official “inhabitant.” Perhaps He’ll wait for someone (like the Antichrist) to make it the center of power. Unless I’m missing something in this entire section of Scripture, those who take part in the rebuilding process do so at great risk. Post 64 delves deeper into this subject.

Understanding Islam

Recent issues have included some seldom publicized doctrines and terms that are well known by Muslims. Here’s another: Hudaibiya. It is a “code word” which means, “kiss the hand of your enemy until you have the opportunity to cut it off,” or as the common Arabic saying goes, “kiss the dog’s mouth until you get what you need from him.” This represents one more reason why negotiating with Muslim leaders is a bad idea.

A reminder

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Writing Page Numbers
Numerals are always used for page numbers.

Correct: On page 5 he tells us…
Incorrect: On page five he tells us…


If Abraham Lincoln had married Anna Barton instead of Mary Todd, they would have been known throughout history as Abe ‘n Anna.