This issue looks at how the U.S. press is following the Islamic lead.


Anyone paying attention to the rhetoric coming from the spokesmen for the Muslim community in America have seen a clear pattern following every successful or unsuccessful act of violence. Every time a Muslim has been “caught in the act,” the Muslim response has become a mere variation on a common theme. The plan is to divert attention away from the act itself and onto a perceived backlash from supporters of the victims. Such a backlash has yet to materialize, but that has not deterred them from their plan. Why should they change it when it is working so beautifully? Take the case of Mohamed Osman Mohamud, the Somali Muslim who was recently arrested in Portland, Oregon while attempting to blow up what he thought was bomb-filled van at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. He made his intentions very clear- to commit mass murder in the name of Islam. In response, the imam of the Islamic Center in Corvallis, Oregon attempted to create a disconnect between Mohamud and the local Muslim community, claiming that his actions were denounced by the Islamic religion.

The problem was exacerbated by the fact that the U.S. press refused to call the imam on his statement. A host of questions should have been asked, but weren’t. What about asking him to explain how Islam condemns such actions while calling Muslims to slay the pagans wherever they find them? What about asking him to explain the steps they were taking to make sure other Muslims didn’t “drift so far off course”? What about asking him how they were cooperating with law enforcement to assure that he had no accomplices in his mosque?

With the press so silent, the Muslim “spokesmen” fill the gap with claims of fear from within the Muslim community of a backlash from all those “Islamophobes” out there. With the attention safely shifted, they retreat to the safety of the mosque, where the next attack is planned.


I think Glenn Beck is correct in his view that the radical left has successfully taken over most of the mainstream news outlets. Those at the top in the media are in line with those at the core of the Obama administration. The goal is to assist Barack Obama in fundamentally transforming America. By now, those of us who have been paying attention know what that means. It means destroying everything that made us great, bringing us to our knees economically, morally, and militarily. When America has been sufficiently weakened, the “elite” will take control and put the final phase of their plan into action. If you think I’m crazy, do a little research. Read what some of these guys have boldly proclaimed, especially George Soros. Read about the beliefs of those in Barack Obama’s inner circle.

Since the press has a different agenda that most Americans, it cannot be expected to act in America’s best interests. Add their commitment to political correctness to their agenda and you’ve got a clear and present danger. For more information on this, I suggest you purchase a copy of Islam and the Last Days. It lays the groundwork for what we”re experiencing today. Additionally, I will soon be starting a series outlining how the mess America is part of a carefully orchestrated plan conceived years ago and carried out to the letter by Barack Obama.



When everything’s comin’ your way, you’re in the wrong lane.