This special edition reveals how to share the gospel with your Muslim friend using the Qur’an.


You’re probably shocked to learn that the Qur’an can be used to share to gospel. No doubt, you’re aware of some of the troubling verses like those that promote slaying the pagans wherever you find them. However, veteran missionaries have learned that selected verses from the Qur’an actually pave the way for a clear gospel presentation. On my website is a page describing a method with a proven track record, sprinkled with many suggestions of my own. It explains which verses to highlight or underline, where to place tabs, and what notes to insert. It describes the approach and gives both a written and an audio presentation.

The Qur’an actually encourages Muslims to ask for help from those who have been studying the Scriptures if they are in doubt about anything that has been revealed to them. It also requires them to read the Old and New testaments (“Before Books”). This counters the argument that the Bible has been corrupted. Why would Allah require Muslims to read the Old and New Testaments if they had been corrupted? Besides, one verse specifically says that no one can change His words. The method focuses on Jesus, whom the Qur’an calls “Messiah Jesus.” No other prophet has been given this title. It shows why He alone is called the “Anointed One.” Selected verses from the Qur’an are use to show that Jesus is holy, that He has the power over death, and that He knows the way to heaven. This clearly sets Him apart from any other prophet, including Muhammad, who admitted that he had no idea what was going to happen to him or his followers when they died. Jesus, however, not only knows the way to heaven, but He is preparing a place for those who would believe in Him. Despite Muslim claims that Jesus never died on the cross, the Qur’an supports both His death and resurrection.

The conclusion of the method focuses on the purpose of a blood sacrifice. Islam requires a blood sacrifice on several occasions, but it offers no fulfillment. In fact, one verse says that the sacrificial blood of animals never reaches Allah. The Bible agrees that the blood of bulls and goats will never bring forgiveness. Yet, it says that without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sins. This is where Jesus shines forth as Jehovah God’s only acceptable sacrifice. Jesus’ resurrection proves that God accepted His “once for all” sacrifice. Finally, the sin issue had been settled. A specially worded prayer allows your Muslim friend to become a child of the one and only true God, Jehovah. Finally, his destiny is secure.


I hope you will take advantage of this very helpful tool. Christians, especially, need to know this information. We have been sent into “all the world” with the gospel. Well, guess what? Muslims are coming to us and they’re coming in record numbers. Our survival depends on winning the “numbers game.” If we fail to fulfill our marching orders, we will have no one to blame but ourselves when America becomes a Muslim nation. That’s their stated goal, and they intend to reach it. I’s time for the Church to start acting like the Church and shake the world for Christ.

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