More Middle East Mosques Restored with U.S. Taxpayer Dollars


Having recently lost our Standard and Poor’s AAA credit rating, the United States is in a position where we must stop our out of control spending. The recent agreement regarding the debt ceiling was way too little way too late and President Obama wasted no time in pushing for massive cuts in the Defense Department budget. Considering how much the Feds need to cut spending and the economic pinch most Americans are feeling, why is the US State Department, headed by Hillary Clinton continuing to spend hundreds of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to repair and rebuild mosques in the Middle East and to guarantee that the local Imams have adequate internet service? For a little background on this, click here to read an article I posted about a year ago. Click here to watch a short video that documents the lunacy. Be prepared. It will make your blood boil.


This is wrong on so many levels. Why spend money on any foreign project while our own people are hurting so badly? On another level, can you imagine our State Department spending taxpayer dollars to repair Christian churches or to provide internet service for Christian pastors here in the US? Liberals would be crying foul, pointing to the supposed separation of church and state requirement. On another level, why are we spending our money to bolster a religion that has vowed to destroy us? The list could go on and on. As the video clearly showed, we have many reasons to be outraged over this.

Does our State Department really think we are building bridges and improving relationships? Every year, we are learning more about what goes on in these mosques, and it is not good for America. We may as well supply them with weapons too so they can put us out of our misery quicker. We have every right to wonder if our leaders are really that stupid, or do they know exactly what they are doing. In light of the recent outreach to the Muslim Brotherhood, we must conclude that our President and Secretary of State are up to no good. I believe that if we could miraculously see everything that is going on behind the scenes, we would be scared to death.

The good news is that the God of heaven will use the likes of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton to accomplish His will. They aren’t in control like they think they are. However, we must understand that God may be using them to bring judgment upon America. This offers all the more reason to make sure we have our spiritual acts together because things are going to get rough. Click here to learn how you can know for sure if you’re a Christian.



What does Barack Obama call lunch with a convicted felon?
A fund raiser.
–Jay Leno