E-books Now Available at Rock Bottom Prices


This special edition reveals a great opportunity that I have been working on for some time. Six of my books, including the three I recently finished, are now available on Kindles, Nooks, and all other e-readers at prices too low to pass up. They are:
1. The Israeli Connection- The Church’s Hope, America’s Future ($2.99) (It’s an updated version of the paperback)
2. Islam and the Last Days- What You Don’t Know Could Get You Killed ($2.99)
3. Dragon Slayers (a contemporary Christian novel) ($.99)
4. Duped- How One Enemy Organization has Co-Opted Thousands of America’s Leaders ($.99)
5. Humor Me- The Best Puns, Jokes, Stories, and One-Liners I’ve ever Heard…or Told ($.99)
6. Now We’re Talkin’-Jump Starting a Dead Prayer Life ($.99, Free on some e-readers!)

As you probably know, I write about things America desperately needs to understand if we are to survive. I really appreciate you as a reader. Your interest keeps me going. This is where I need your help in spreading the word:

1. If you have an e-reader, please check out The Israeli Connection  at your device’s bookstore and ask 3 friends (with e-readers) to do the same.
2. If you have already read it, or when you do, please post a review on Amazon or whatever other bookstore you are using. (For Amazon, go to www.amazon.com, search for BOOKS, type in “The Israeli Connection.” Make sure it’s the one by Ed Rodgers, click on the cover, scroll toward the bottom to CUSTOMER REVIEWS and post a review (preferably a good one). Ask your friends to do the same.

I’ll be asking you to do the same for Islam and the Last Days in the near future. If you already have it, please consider posting a review on Amazon now. I’d really appreciate it. For now, I’m focusing on The Israeli Connection to try to promote enough activity to give it a major ranking bump so more people will start paying attention to the issues I raise.

Check out the FREE BOOK and the $.99 ones any time. Such a deal! If you enjoy my regular blog and newsletter posts, you’ll appreciate these short, concise, and powerful minibooks.


Considering the volatility in the Middle East and the unprecedented danger Israel is in right now, Americans need to understand God’s plans for Israel, why she is so important, what God expects from us, and what changes we must make. We are in the last days and time is running out. We must get with God’s program, especially as it relates to Israel before it’s too late.

We’re all busy, but it will be well worth the few minutes it takes to check out The Israeli Connection. This would mean soooo much to me and will really help to spread the word. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.


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