Muslim attacks on Christians and their churches are heading our way.


Since 9/11 there have been over 1800 recorded major terrorist attacks around the world by Muslims againstchurch burning Muslim attack Christians. Ever wondered why you hardly ever hear about these? The answer is simple. Facts have become the new hate speech. If we bring up these atrocities, we’ll have to deal with why Christians keep getting slaughtered by Muslims. If we do that, we’ll be labeled an Islamophobe…or worse. (Of course these days, nothing could be worse.) The result is silence…from our politicians and from America’s pulpits.

Here’s a small sampling of what goes on every day around the world:

After the goats of a Christian family in Pakistan wandered onto a Muslim’s property, Muslim men stormed the home of three Christian women, tortured and stripped them, and then paraded them naked and bruised in a village in the Kasur district. Christians are considered third-class citizens and must be taught their proper place.

One night in Iraq, armed gunmen attacked St. Mary’s Assyrian Catholic Church in Baghdad wounding two Christian guards, one seriously. The following day, bombs were set off at two Christian-owned businesses near the church, killing the shop-owner. Since the U.S. “liberation” of Iraq in 2003, 73 churches have been attacked or bombed and more than half of the country’s Christian population has either fled or been killed.

Last June in Kenya, Islamic terrorists on motorbikes threw a bomb into the Earthquake Miracle Ministries Church in Mrima village injuring fifteen, including a pastor whose legs were broken.

How Muslims have recently treated Christians in Nigeria

How Muslims have recently treated Christians in Nigeria

In northern Nigeria four churches were burned by members of the Islamic jihad group Boko Haram. According to an eye-witness, a group of armed men with improvised explosive devices and petrol bombs attacked four villages on Gwoza Hills, burning the four churches, raiding and looting the local cattle and grain reserves. Some Christian villages in the north have been completely wiped out by these Muslim terrorists.

In Bangladesh a mob of some 60 Muslim terrorists raided a predominantly Christian village. According to the group “Barnabas Aid,” they plundered the residents’ livestock and other possessions and threatened to return to burn down their homes. The attackers then moved on to a nearby village and targeted a Christian seminary. Battering down the doors, they forced their way into the building and severely beat the rector and a number of students. The previous day, two church leaders from another nearby village were beaten and robbed.

Many similar stories could be told about what the Coptic Christians in Egypt are enduring, especially after Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood gained power. Morsi is gone, but the attacks continue. The perseverance of these Egyptian Christians should be remembered. They have seen tens of thousands of their churches destroyed since the 7th century when Islam invaded Egypt with the sword, yet they have remained strong in their faith.


Muslim terrorism bikeThese incidents are a very small sampling of the daily violence against Christians by Muslims around the world. In some areas, a Christian presence is becoming extinct. This should be a warning to us here in America, but it seems to be having no effect. Most Americans, including most of America’s pastors, are turning a blind eye to what’s happening to our brother and sisters around the world. Those who are aware refuse to believe that American Christians could, sometime in the near future, find themselves in the same situation as our brothers and sisters in Egypt, Pakistan, and Iraq.

While Muslim persecution of Christians has always been around, it has increased dramatically in recent years and decisions by America’s top leaders have paved the way. While many of the Middle East’s leaders have been labeled as secular despots and ruthless dictators, they have kept the most radical Islamic elements in check.

This all began to change with the ouster of the shah of Iran in 1979. We abandoned our long-time friend and allyhourglass and look what happened. The most recent example was President Mubarak in Egypt. Same result. Factor in what happened between these two and we have seen a regional reassertion of traditional Islam. It’s a preview of what will happen worldwide during the Tribulation when the restraining power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers is removed.

Time is running out. Will America wake up before it’s too late?



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