Do Americans really understand the threat of Islam?


flag us IslamAs my regular readers know, I try to keep you updated on the advancement of Islam in the U.S. As 2016 draws to a close, I’d like to reveal the results of some recent polls that asked if the respondents thought Islam is a peaceful religion:

A 2015 Rasmussen poll- Islam encourages violence more than other religions. The respondents also believed that Muslim leaders need to do more to emphasize the peaceful beliefs of their faith.

A 2015 Brookings study- Americans as a whole tend to direct their criticism toward the Muslim religion more that to Muslims themselves.

Three weeks after 9/11 an ABC news poll found that 47% of Americans had a favorable view of Islam as opposed to 39% unfavorable. Ten years later the numbers flipped to 61% unfavorable and 33% favorable. These percentages stayed nearly the same in 2015, but more people were expressing a favorable view of Muslim people.

In 2013 a Barna Group poll revealed that 53% of American adults believe that Islam is essentially a peaceful religion.

You may recall that President Bush, Tony Blair and other European and U.S. leaders stated their beliefs that Islam is a great religion which teaches peace and equality, and that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. Not to be outdone, President Obama has gone even further, presenting Muslims as an oppressed and misunderstood people desiring peace and coexistence.mosque phoenix

As of 2010 there were about 3,000 Islamic centers, mosques, and prayer centers and around 165 Islamic schools in the U.S. There were over 400 Islamic associations, 89 publications and 6 schools of higher learning.

In 2015, there were 3.3 million Muslims living in the U.S. (roughly 1% of the population). Other estimates place the actual percentage at 2% since it is in the interest of Muslim leaders to present the number as smaller than it really is.


obamacareAll this seems to indicate that while a significant number of Americans sees Islam as a threat, the nation as a whole is accommodating its Muslim minority. Obamacare offered Muslims special treatment. They are also getting special treatment in many of our schools and universities. While Christ has been removed, Muslim students are permitted to place prayer rugs in the corridors or special prayer rooms. In prisons, Muslim inmates have demanded, and in some cases received, a Muslim cook to ensure that their food meets halal requirements.prayer-rug-1

Muslims are getting elected to Congress and are pushing their anti-American and anti-Christian beliefs. In response, we have set aside a special room for our growing number of Muslims to meet and pray.

We know how the Muslim Brotherhood intends to conquer America, but political correctness and an unwilling government (up to now) have allowed it to proceed unabated.

Americans are being spoon fed a steady diet of Muslim propaganda that never mentions the fact that according to the most respected Muslim clerics and “spokesmen,” peace is possible only if Islam controls the world. One way they plan to accomplish this is by sheer numbers. In the last 50 years, the world’s Christian population has increased by 47%. During the same period, the world’s Muslim population has increased 235%.

Let these facts sink in as we move into 2017. We must remain vigilant, prayerful, and willing to do our part to bring many people to Faith in Jesus Christ, the ultimate victor, regardless of how many Muslims there are.



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