This edition looks at Israel's interception of a weapon-filled ship, details on the Fogel family massacre, Obama's latest attempt to appease Iran, some perspective on Bahrain, and a movie documenting the Iranian nuclear threat.



Israeli Navy Intercepts Weapon-Filled Ship
The Israel Project reports that a Liberian-flagged ship believed to be carrying arms to Hamas-controlled Gaza was intercepted by the Israeli navy 125 miles (200 km) off the coast of Israel at midday [March 15]. “The weaponry originated in Iran, which is trying to arm the Gaza Strip,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. From an initial investigation, strategic weapons were found on-board the “Victoria” including many

60 and 120 mm mortar shells, and C-704 anti-ship missiles, the IDF said. The C-704 shore-to-sea missiles had a range of 21 miles and its likely use along the Gaza Strip endangers not only infrastructure near the Gaza sea, but Israeli shore cities in close proximity such as Ashkelon.

Israeli Family Slaughtered
By now you have probably heard that five members of the Fogel family were butchered inside their home in Itamar Friday night (11th). So called “Freedom Fighters” belonging to Fatah infiltrated across the security fence and entered the family's home around 10:30 at night. According to news reports, the terrorists entered the house through the living room picture window, did not notice the 6-year-old boy sleeping on the couch and continued on to the bedroom where they slashed the throats of the father and newborn baby girl who were sleeping there. The mother came out of the bathroom and was stabbed on its threshold. They then slashed the throat of the 11-year old-son who was reading in bed. They did not notice the 2-year old asleep in his bed, but murdered the 3-year old with two stabs to his heart. After that, they locked the door, exited through the window and escaped.

When news of the massacre reached Gaza, Hamas terrorists were handing out candy in the streets.Yes, these are the same organizations the Obama administration wants to work with as it wrestles control over Jerusalem from the hands of the Israelis. Prime Minister Netanyahu correctly blamed this attack on the atmosphere of incitement that exists within the Palestinian Authority. As recently as last week, A Palestinian soccer tournamentwas named after a terrorist.



Is the Obama Administration Cozying Up To Iran Again?
One Jerusalem reports that Iran's Foreign Minister and its President Ahmadinejad's Chief of Staff have requested visas to attend a United Nations Earth Day session in New York. But there are indications that this is not the sole purpose of the visit. The British Broadcasting System Persian Service reports, “according to the anonymous State Department source, it is likely that various meetings with American officials to discuss the prospect of the improvement of relations between the two countries will also take place.”Does anyone other than the Obama Administration see the benefit of trying to improve relations with a murderous regime that is supporting terrorism against the United States and Israel?

Bahrain Becoming Mid-East Hot Spot
Excerpts from a recent article in the Canadian National Post:
MANAMA – When Saudi Arabian troops rolled into Bahrain to help quell Shi'ite Muslim protests, the world's top oil-exporting region inched closer to a sectarian stand-off that could involve non-Arab Shi'ite power Iran. Gripped by its worst unrest since the 1990s after protesters took to the streets last month, Bahrain said on Monday it had asked the Gulf Cooperation Council, a six-member Gulf Arab bloc, for support in line with a regional defense pact. The intervention of Gulf Arab troops in Bahrain is highly sensitive on the island, where the Shi'ite majority complains of discrimination by the royal al-Khalifa family, who are Sunnis. Gulf Arab ruling families are Sunni and intervention might encourage a response from Iran, which already supports Shi'ite groups in Iraq and Lebanon, countries with large Shi'ite populations and no strangers to persistent sectarian strife. Bahraini opposition groups, including the largest Shi'ite party Wefaq, have already said they consider the move an act of undeclared war against defenseless civilians.Read the entire article at (What happens in this tiny nation is of serious concern to America since Bahrain serves as home base for our Navy's Fifth Fleet.)

Movie “Iranium” Documents Iranian Nuclear Threat
David Zauber reports that since the release of the documentary film Iranium last month, it has been screened in the United Kingdom, Canada and in over 100 US cities, raising a firestorm of controversy as well as being targeted for criticism by several individuals and groups who say it unfairly criticizes the Islamic Republic. According to the films website, its objective is to create awareness of the dangers of a rising nuclear Iran and the harming effects it can have on the Middle East and the rest of the world. “We do have a couple sections in the film that address the threat to Israel, but this is a much bigger issue than just Israel,” said Raphael Shore, the executive producer of the film. “That's what we try to get across in the film, that Americans should not fight this war against Iran

because of a desire to keep Israel from being annihilated, but rather of their own concern for themselves, having to face a nuclear terrorist state that is the No. 1 supporter of terror in the world.”

Perspective on the Japanese Meltdown
In the next edition, we'll look at some possible conclusions to draw from the disaster in Japan.


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