This edition looks at how the Muslim Brotherhood came to be poised for a takeover in Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood has to be pleased with the results of the recent referendum vote in Egypt. With 77% in favor of its provisions, the stage is set for constitutional changes that will put the MB in the driver's seat in the race for the prize- political power.

While MB members are estimated at no more than 20% of the population, that may be enough to gain control in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary election since the remaining vote will be divided among the numerous new political groups that arose within the anti-Mubarak crowd. The MB utilized all its organizational skills in putting together a massive last minute “get out and vote” campaign, making sure everyone voted “yes.” Those of us in the West and the 8 million Coptic Christians living in Egypt were not pleased with the referendum results.

While the constitutional amendments were drawn up to ensure that upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections are free and fair, they had the result of giving every faction in Egypt a shot at power. This is why I have been warning over and over that democracy and Middle-Easter politics are not a good mix. If the majority of the population is honestly interested in what is best for the nation, democracy has a chance. If the majority simply wants its citizens to live in peace and to enjoy equal opportunities and freedom in the key areas, diflucan generic democracy may work. The reality on the ground, however, is far from these scenarios. It's all about power and imposing the will of the strong on the weak.

The Muslim Brotherhood has clearly stated its goals- one of which is to make Egypt an Islamic state. This is part of their charter. Anyone who wonders what life under a MB regime would be like needs simply to be reminded that Al-Qaeda and Hamas are products of the MB. Should the MB gain control in Egypt, those who applauded the “democratic revolution” will no doubt be shaking their heads wondering how such a thing could have happened.

While it's not clear how exactly all the recent tumultuous events in the Middle-East fit into biblical prophecy, I believe we are experiencing the beginning of the end. All the evidence seems to say that we are in the last of the last days. While no one can know when Christ will return, we seem to be getting very close to that event. Never has the world experienced so much man-made and “natural” turmoil at one time. While we may differ in our eschatological interpretations, we should all remember that one of the purposes of biblical prophecy is to make us more holy. We should look very closely at how we should be living in light of Christ's possibly imminent return. It's time to make sure we are keeping the main thing the main thing, and to

do that, we must be rightly related to God through His Son.


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