This issue looks at the latest Israeli concessions, Israeli relief for Haiti, the latest anti-Israel propaganda from Turkey, more “land

for peace” demands by the U.S., the Muslim lawsuit against CAIR, China's Middle-East plans, and how Fox News has been taken in by CAIR.


One Jerusalem reports
During Israel's defensive action against Hamas in Gaza, Israel provided documentary evidence that Hamas deliberately used civilian and United Nations buildings as safe havens and military outposts from which they launched attacks. Therefore Israel rightfully ended up launching actions against Hamas fighters who took cover in these facilities. Israel went through extensive efforts to warn civilians that action would be taken in their areas. But now, in a development that boggles the imagination, Israel reportedly  has agreed to pay the United Nations $10 million for damage to their property. By this action Israel is inadvertently portraying itself as being guilty and paying a fine for their misdeeds. The United Nations is taken off the hook for allowing their facilities to be used by Hamas. (In the Lebanon War, you might remember, the United Nations actively assisted Hezbollah.)

The Israel Project reports
Top Israeli officials voiced strong objections Monday (Jan. 11) to a Turkish TV program depicting Israelis kidnapping and hiding Turkish babies and attacking old men, as well as a scene showing the assassination of the Israeli ambassador. The reaction came shortly after Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu put a focus on the Palestinian culture of hate.

In the wake of the catastrophic Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti, Israeli and Jewish humanitarian aid groups are providing critical relief for that nation. Meanwhile, four Israelis in Haiti are reported missing. Relief delegations from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Home Front Command, IDF Medical Corps and the Israeli Foreign Ministry have left for the ravaged island nation. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu directed officials from the Defense Ministry, Foreign Ministry, and Public Security Ministry to quickly formulate actions plans to assist Haiti. (When was the last time you heard of a Muslim nation taking such action?

The Jerusalem Prayer Team reports
In a broadcast interview last week, US Envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell threatened to end Unites States financial support for Israel unless Israel violates God's Word and hands over more land to the radical Islamic terrorists who are committed to Israel's complete destruction. Israel has suffered greatly during the worldwide economic collapse, and a serious financial threat like this right now is a very real danger to the nation.The Israeli government vowed not to give in to this pressure. Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said that Israel could survive without the help. But there is no doubt that a US reduction in financial aid would wreak havoc on Israel's already devastated economy.


GrassTopsUSA reports
Two civil lawsuits filed by Muslims alleging criminal fraud were served today against the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a self-described Muslim civil-rights group that has been named an unindicted terrorist co-conspirator by the Justice Department. The cases filed in federal court in the nation's capital assert the D.C.-based CAIR was aware that its “resident attorney” and “manager for civil rights” at its now-defunct Maryland-Virginia chapter, Morris Days, was not an attorney and failed to provide legal services for Muslims who came to CAIR for help. 
China is considering setting up military bases and possibly deploying forces in the Middle East over the next decade as a means of protecting its access to strategic materials, especially oil, and sizeable investments in various Arab countries, according to a report from Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin. Middle East expert Patrick Seale said the Chinese influence in the Middle East is rising and its trade with Arab countries, which totaled $132 billion in 2008, will increase.

WorldNetDaiy reports
 Long a reliably patriotic media source in the war on terror, Fox News may now be among news outlets who have fallen under the spell of the Council on American-Islamic Relations' propaganda machine. “We own the media,” CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper privately brags, according to a source currently working inside the aggressive Islamist lobby group. Fox News host Bill O'Reilly last week invited the TV-savvy Hooper on his show to debate passenger profiling, the second guest appearance by the CAIR spokesman in a month. At the end of the segment, O'Reilly thanked Hooper and called him a “stand-up guy,” sending shockwaves through the conservative blogosphere. CAIR is no ordinary guest. The government has blacklisted it as an unindicted terrorist co-conspirator, and the group remains under criminal suspicion by the FBI, which has cut off outreach ties to it.
Ending words with “ful” or “full”
 Distinguish phrases like car full of people and carful of people.
Wrong: The car full of people stood up. [This plainly says that the car stood   up.] Right: The carful of people stood up.

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