550. The Good, the Bad, and the Hopeful

This special edition weaves some of the recent newsworthy stories that didn’t make the “cut” into a collage of a different nature than my usual posts. I hope you enjoy it.

Recent Bad NewsHobby Lobby
We have seen an upturn in legal action taken against Christians. For example, because of a new government mandate requiring that businesses provide abortion-causing drug as part of their healthcare package, all Hobby Lobby stores across the nation may be forced to close.

Matthew ShepardA New Mexico court has ruled that a Christian photographer who refused to offer her services for a gay commitment ceremony must surrender the beliefs of her faith and photograph the ceremony. (Remember the Matthew Shepard incident? A leading “gay journalist” is about to publish a shocking and compelling book that shows that the entire narrative surrounding the tragic death of Matthew Shepard was false and politically motivated.

It’s even worse in Britain. An American evangelist was arrested and interrogated about his Christian faith after he was caught on a London sidewalk preaching that homosexuality is a sin. It appears that these days, you can be arrested and detained in jail in Britain simply for being falsely accused of speaking against homosexual behavior.

Then there’s the continuing chaos and carnage in Benghazi and Syria. Several are raising the question: What if Al Qaeda is Framing Assad in Syria? Meanwhile, the State Department is still refusing the interviewing of Benghazi witnesses.¬† And while top conservatives are warning how foolish it would be to go to war in Syria, others are raising the possibility that a war in Syria may be Obama’s way to distract attention from the non-existent “economic recovery.”

And speaking of Obama, it has just been made known that Barry Soetoro is registeredObama arrogance 1 to vote in DC, but Barack Obama Is not. Also, his brother is on the “Terror Watch List.”And because of the recent Navy Yard shooting, he will be issuing more Executive Actions to further his gun control agenda.

Finally, you’ve got to check out the video of the black pastor mocking Obama after more evidence surfaces revealing his homosexual history.

Recent Good News
With all the concessions to the radical homosexual agenda being made recently by theTrail Life Boy Scouts of America, a Christian alternative has emerged. Trail Life USA was unveiled publicly for the first time on September 6 in Nashville, Tennessee to more than 1,200 former Scoutmasters, Eagle Scouts, parents, church leaders and former Boy Scouts of America professionals who attended the inaugural Leadership Convention. The new group is a Christian adventure, character, and leadership movement for young men. The K-12 program centers on outdoor experiences that build a young man’s skills and allow him to grow on a personal level and as a role model and leader for his peers while imparting timeless values derived from the Bible.

On a more global scale, a recent study reveals that the number of people referring to themselves as “Christian” is expected to reach 2.6 billion by 2020. Based on current trends Christianity in Asia is expected to grow from 4.5% of the total population (in 1970) to 9.2% in 2020. In Africa the 1970 percentage of 38.7 is expected to rise to 49% in 2020!

Other good news from abroad reveals that while chaos, confusion and devastationNetanyahu continue in Syria and Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is holding the 4th in a series of Bible studies with Jewish Scholars in Jerusalem.It appears that the Prime Minister has developed quite an interest in studying the Bible in recent years.

In God We TrustBack in the US of A, a federal court has ruled that “In God WE Trust” will remain on our currency despite efforts by Michael Newdow and the Freedom From Religion Foundation to have the phrase permanently removed. The ruling stated that the phrase simply echoes the principle found in the Declaration of Independence that our freedoms come from God and not the state.

I’ll close with the story of a miraculous rescue of a man who sang to God whilefloodcar submerged in his car for two hours with one tiny air pocket in the back seat. One of the victims of the recent flooding in Colorado was Roy Ortiz, whose car was swept off the road along with two other vehicles.


Book of Truth

Courtesy of supernaturalgospel.wordpress.com

Exceptionally bad news makes headlines, but even a little good news offers hope, and that hope is based on the fact that everything in the world is playing out just as it has already been recorded in the “Book of Truth” (see Daniel 10:21). According to the Bible, especially Daniel and Ephesians, the events of our day have been pre-determined by our sovereign God. Nothing has taken Him by surprise. Believers should take comfort in that fact, knowing that God has appointed us to “such a time as this.” He equips the called, so we should be ready to receive our “marching orders,” not simply hangin’ out and waitin’ for the rapture. In a few weeks I will begin a series dealing with the Book of Truth and how God displays His sovereignty throughout history in “the elect.”


“The problem with any unwritten law is that you don’t know where to go to erase it.”
— Glaser and Way

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