This issue looks at the latest troubling incidents in Israel, more Iranian mischief, the lessons not learned from the Fort Hood shooting trial, the boldness of the enemy in America, and more.OUR ISRAELI CONNECTION

Palestinians Threaten New Intifada Because Jews Keep Showing Up at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount
The Flame reports: Today, Arabs have become much more proprietary and paranoidJerusalem panorama 2 about the Mount—discouraging Jews from visiting and accusing Israel of planning to tear down al Aqsa.  This pretext is the primary rally cry lately around both Hamas and Fatah efforts to stir up a third Palestinian intifada. Of course, preposterously, the Palestinians officially deny any Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, including the well-established fact that the First and Second Temples were built there long before Jerusalem saw its first Arabs. Last week, The New York Times, which hasn’t seen a phony Palestinian narrative it doesn’t embrace, published an article about Jews, mostly orthodox, who it says are “challenging rules” about the Temple Mount by visiting and even praying there.

Two Israeli Soldiers Murdered
Jerusalem Prayer team reports: While I was in Israel earlier this week, two Israeli soldiers were murdered by Palestinian terrorists near Hebron. Though this brutal crime received almost no attention in the liberal media, it sent shock waves across Israel. A terrorist group aligned with Fatah claimed responsibility for the evil action. This is significant because the Obama Administration insists that Fatah is the moderate group of Palestinians-the ones with whom Israel is supposed to make peace.

News from the Israel Project
The Wall Street Journal revealed late last week that Iran has been hacking U.S. NavyEmbassy Baghdad computers in recent weeks, a disclosure that the paper suggests “show[s] the depth and complexity of long-standing tensions between Washington and Tehran.” The news came only weeks after another Journal scoop describing Iranian activity against the U.S., this one involving an Iranian order to forces it backs in Iraq ordering them to attack the U.S.’s Baghdad embassy and other American interests should Washington act militarily against Syria.

The New York Times reports that Western sanctions against Iran have put the country on the brink of economic collapse, with restrictions on financial transactions in particular having created severe hard currency shortages. Iran’s expulsion from the Swift global banking network has compounded the country’s difficulties and forced the regime to physically transport money into and out of Iran.

Spy in Israel

Ali Mansouri

Israeli officials over the weekend released details regarding the arrest of an Iranian-Belgian citizen accused of conducting extensive espionage against Israeli and American targets inside the Jewish state, deepening concerns regarding the scope of Iranian terror networks and the sophistication of Iranian tradecraft. Ali Mansouri was captured with photographs of, among other things, Israel’s Ben Gurion airport and the U.S. embassy.


Fort Hood Trial Ends, Political Correctness Remains
Islamist Watch reports: Following an expensive court-martialNidal Hasan bearded delayed by a dispute over facial hair, Fort Hood murderer Nidal Hasan has been sentenced to death and dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Army, meaning that his handsome salary has finally been terminated. Though Hasan’s guilt was never in doubt, many had hoped that the trial would prove useful by underlining his jihadist ideology, which the government has whitewashed for years. However, the judge refused both Hasan’s request to argue that he had acted to defend Muslims and the prosecution’s request to present evidence of his motives.

Obama’s DHS Advisor Mohamed Elibiary Flashes The R4BIA Muslim Brotherhood Salute reports: The R4BIA four finger salute has deep meaning in theMohamed-Elibiary-Salute Muslim Brotherhood. And it is making its way into the Department of Homeland Security. Mohamed Elibiary, one of the most controversial members of the Homeland Security Advisory Panel, just plastered the symbol on his public Twitter profile. This is serious, and deeply disturbing. The symbol has deep meaning in the Muslim Brotherhood, and greater Islam. It is the symbol of Islamic world domination. And the crushing of western democracy. The Islamic infiltration of all levels of American government is coming to fruition. Read more.

CAIR Can Hide its Foreign Donors, but not its Radicalism
Islamist Watch reports: September was the cruelest month for the Council on

Courtesy of The Examiner

Courtesy of The Examiner

American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), whose dirty laundry repeatedly made news. Just as CAIR was releasing a report that smears its opponents as bigots, the Justice Department’s inspector general underscored the group’s ugly track record by censuring FBI field offices for engaging CAIR in outreach despite a ban on such interactions due to its links to Hamas. Will greater isolation result? More damaging was a Daily Caller article exposing how CAIR uses “multiple corporate entities that conceal the large financial donations that come to CAIR from Middle East sources,” including governments, in a shell game that appears to violate U.S. law. So much for CAIR’s claim to speak for American Muslims.
SICK: Al Qaeda Opens First Official Twitter Account reports: Maybe they’ll start posting their next targets! Unreal that Obama can’t get these thugs in check and that they have so little fear that they’ll be this open. The Shamukh al-Islam website, used as an official clearing house for al Qaeda members to communicate and issue propaganda statements, started its first Twitter account on Tuesday. Read more.


If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?