This issue looks at the economic impossibility of a Palestinian state.

Several articles have been written lately outlining some of the down sides of Palestinian statehood. All agreed that the economics just don’t work. There is simply no way that Palestine, whatever form it may take, will ever be self sufficient. It is too dependant, and that dependence could come back to bite those who are pushing the hardest for statehood, especially certain European Union members. For example, France, objecting to the ever-popular “Israeli occupation,” is hard at work training Palestinian police and creating businesses before the borders have been determined. Let’s look at a few facts to see how its return on investment may work out.

Almost two-thirds of Palestinian government income (about $1.5-billion per year) comes from a tax collected by Israel and remitted to the Palestinians. This happens only because of the goodwill of the Israelis. Should something happen to disrupt the goodwill, the flow of funds will suddenly cease. This is exactly what happened when Hamas took control of Gaza in 2006. If Hamas plays any part in the new Palestinian government, it is wishful thinking to imagine that the gravy train will continue.

Eighty seven percent of Palestinian exports now go to Israel. Once again, this source of revenue is totally dependent on good relations with Israel.

Israel is the primary employer for West Bank Palestinians. The Israeli settlements there employ tens of thousands of Palestinian workers. If statehood is declared, all these workers will be barred from the settlements because the Palestinian government considers the work illegal. These settlement jobs constitute one-seventh of the total Palestinian workforce and constitute one-quarter of the total Palestinian payroll because Israeli employers pay two to three times that paid by their Palestinian counterparts.

Many Palestinians commute to Israel for the higher paying jobs, 40,000 from the West Bank alone (legal and illegal). These would be in jeopardy should Palestine declare independence.

One-third of the Palestinian government’s budget comes from foreign aid, mostly from the U.S., the EU, and Western organizations. The U.S. Congress has already signaled that it might suspend aid if Palestine declares sovereignty.

The anti-Semitism of the EU has blinded the organization to the realities on the ground. It may very well end up with a new dependant- Palestine. This is the view of those who have studied the issue. This is the last thing the EU needs right now, but if it is so determined to see Palestinian statehood, it must live by the consequences. God has made it clear how He feels about dividing up His land. There will be consequences and they will be dire. It seems like God is currently using the economies of the world as tools for His judgment. Those nations that vote for Palestinian statehood have no idea what they will have unleashed.


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