This SPECIAL EDITION lists specific ways we can pray for the peace of Jerusalem before the Prince of Peace comes.


Jerusalem panoramaPsalm 122:6 exhorts us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, but many of us could use some help in knowing just how to pray today since real peace will come only when the Prince of Peace returns. We want to make sure our prayers are effective and specific, and we want our prayers to make a real difference to real people. We want them to bring about much- needed change.

There are specific things for which we can pray. The writer of Psalm 122 states two general reasons for praying for the peace of Jerusalem. The first is “for the sake of my brothers and friends” (verse 8). The second is “for the sake of the house of the Lord our God” (verse 9). We are to pray for the people in the city and the God of the city whose house is waiting to be rebuilt.

To accomplish this end, I have offered seven specific prayer needs. I am asking that you pray for one of these each day of the week. I know our prayer lists are long already, but Scripture tells us that God is waiting to prosper (on His terms) those who make praying for Jerusalem a daily priority. You will be strengthened, God will be pleased, and Israel will be blessed.

Sunday:  messianic symbol

Pray for Messianic believers in Israel. They are in a very difficult situation.  They need courage and perseverance. Pray for the effectiveness of the witness of both Messianic Jews and Arabs in the midst of a very hostile environment. Many ministries, families and individuals have established themselves in the middle of the people they love. Fortunately, many local residents are more receptive to their message than ever before. They have asked for our prayers. We must respond.


Jews return to IsraelPray for the return of God’s people to their Land of Promise.  This is probably something we never thought about praying for, but throughout the Old Testament, God has made known His desire for the Diaspora (scattered seed) to return home. While the final regathering will take place after Jesus’ return, His desire has always been for His children to come home (Amos 9:14-15; Isaiah 14:1-2; Jeremiah 16:14-16). There are, however, many obstacles that must first be overcome. Why would a Jewish family with a good income, security, and all the comforts of home in the United States give it all up and move to one of the most volatile spots on earth? They must be led by God, not because we want them to leave, but because He wants them to come home. Satan, of course, is doing everything in His power to prevent their return. The return of the Jews will signal the return of Jesus, which will signal the doom of Satan.    

Tuesday:Jewish rabbis in America

Pray for Jewish Leadership. God desires true shepherds for His people. Pray that God would touch the hearts of rabbis outside of Israel to lead their people back home. Pray for rabbis everywhere, that the scales would be removed from their eyes and they would see the truth of their Messiah. If the hearts of the rabbis are moved, the people will follow. Pray that the leaders in government would recognize that Christians are their allies, not their enemies. Pray that they would learn to govern by God’s standards, not man’s. Pray that their eyes would be opened to see the relevance of Scripture to current events.


messianic crossPray for changed hearts. Pray that, one by one, hard Jewish hearts would be softened and truth would become more important than tradition. Pray that they would witness the truth of God’s love for them in the love shown to them by believers. Pray that truth would keep them from becoming vulnerable to the deceptions of false Messiahs. Pray that one by one, Jews would realize that their Messiah has already come. Pray for the Arabs that the love of Jesus, through believers, would overpower the hatred they have been taught to practice.

Thursday:Trump inaugration

Pray for our new President. Pray that President Trump would make decisions regarding Israel based on biblical promises, not on appeasement strategies. Pray that he would understand that giving away God’s land is not a good idea, even if it seems to be the way to peace. Pray that he would have the courage to be a protector of Israel, whatever the cost.


Jerusalem rain

Jerusalem rain

Pray for God’s preparation of Jerusalem. Pray that He would do whatever needs to be done to prepare this city for the coming of its King. Pray that all the spiritual barriers may be removed and that the way would be prepared for believers from all over the world to enter. Pray that both Jews and Arabs will realize that the truth is an equal distance from both of them and that they would seek it together. Despite the conflicts over the Temple Mount area, pray that God would remove the obstacles that stand in the way of rebuilding the temple.

Saturday: dragon satan    

Pray against the spiritual forces of wickedness. Pray the power of Jesus’ name and His blood against Satan and his demons as they try to keep Jerusalem and all of Israel in darkness. Pray against Satan’s forces of confusion, division, murder, and lies. The real battles are spiritual ones, which can only be won with spiritual weapons. We must pray accordingly.

I hope this will prompt you to do your part in bringing the peace only Jesus can bring to the most important city in the world.




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