Knowing Iran’s end game will allow us to make sense of everything her leaders do and say.


What is Iran’s Game Plan?

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Muslims today, especially in some countries, have a much longer view of history than most of us westerners. They think in terms of thousands of years, and what happened way back then matters to them. Ancient events determine their actions today. An 800-year-old wrong not yet made right may become the guiding force behind their foreign policy. Their identification is usually with tribal groups and ethnic regions, and they see national boundaries as arbitrary and meaningless lines on paper.

Iran is a prime example. Her influence in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Oman, Yemen and Qatar is driven by a quest to recapture the former glory of the Persian Empire, to regain its territory, reassert its power, and impose their brand of Sharia Law. Iran’s corrupt and power-hungry leaders make decisions based on their Shia eschatology which claims that the Twelfth Imam (the Mahdi) will return during a time of worldwide chaos. These leaders see themselves as responsible to bring about the chaos so the Mahdi will come and lead Iran to victory in her quest for regional hegemony, and ultimately, world domination.

In the power of Satan, these same leaders, will use the same strategies Satan has used throughout history-deceit, lies, and intimidation. Those who think Iran’s leaders intend to live by any agreement they sign, including the nuclear deal, are ignorant or the doctrine of taqiyya which a Shiite encyclopedia describes as “concealing or disguising one’s beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions and/or strategies at a time of eminent danger, whether now or later in time, to save oneself physical and/or mental injury.” A similar doctrine known as kitman commands Shiite Muslims to purposely hide their true beliefs in order to mislead outsiders as to the true nature of their religion (and thus their true intentions).

The corrupt policies of Iran’s leaders have weakened the nation’s economy to the degree that the Trump sanctions are dealing a death blow. In true Islamic fashion, they have to find someone else to blame, usually Israel. Why Israel? She is Satan’s greatest stumbling block in establishing himself as the earth’s supreme ruler instead of God reigning over His theocratic kingdom. Through Israel came his greatest rival, Jesus Christ. Israel must pay for this. Her people must be snuffed out so Israel will cease to exist and God’s promises to Abraham regarding the coming kingdom will be rendered null and void.

For Iran to reach its goals for the region, it must seize control of vast areas in the Middle East. To usher in the Mahdi and initiate the necessary chaos, Iran has established its proxies in key regions to the degree that Iran is clearly the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. In order to eliminate Israel, Iran must be able to move her troops as close as possible. This requires unhindered access to move troops and weapons into Lebanon, and thus, the Mediterranean and Israel’s coastline. The emerging Shia crescent illustrates Iran’s strategy.

By gaining influence (at least) and total control (if possible) of the nations in the crescent-shaped swath of land as shown in the map, Iran can train troops and produce weapons in any one of these countries, and send them to Israel’s doorstep. Iran can also surround Saudi Arabia, a Sunni nation with Shiites comprising 10-15% of its population, a group large enough to cause serious problems from within.

Iran’s obsession with Israel in general and Jerusalem in particular is most evident in the name of its clandestine military unit operating within Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps. You’ve probably heard this name-Iran’s “Quds Force.” You probably didn’t know its meaning. Quds is an Arabic name for Jerusalem. Israel’s Holy City is the prize. Regaining total control of Jerusalem will display (as Muslims see it) Islam’s superiority over Judaism and Christianity.

God has other plans, and they don’t include turning control of Jerusalem over to Iran. They do include giving to Israel all the land He has promised, but not until Israel has been purged of her idolatry and rebellion and Israel’s enemies have been destroyed by the Suffering Servant turned Conquering King. Before that day, however, God is allowing the wicked kings of the earth to strut their stuff. We don’t know just how far God will allow them to spread their evil and destruction, but we do know that things will get a lot worse before they get better, so it’s time for the Church to get its act together. Testing is coming.

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