There is an alternative to the Covid-19 vaccines that is cheaper and more effective.

Last week we looked at how the globalists were using the Covid vaccine as a weapon against us. The trial run to kick off the great reset has been taking place in Australia for the past two years. If the goal was to turn the nation into another North Korea, the test was an overwhelming success. If you watched the linked video, you also saw that other methods were much safer and more effective than the vaccines that are being mandated in many locations. Bill Brown, a close friend for many years, recently told me about the results of his own research into alternatives to the vaccines. I was so impressed with what he shared with me that I asked him to write down what he learned so I could share it with my readers. Here is his response:

A Paramedic’s Perspective

I was a paramedic for 25 years and relied heavily on the medical science of the control of infectious diseases to keep me safe in the practice of my job. The information we were given was thorough, intelligent, and based on research that was freely shared, discussed, reviewed, and revised as appropriate. I have been closely watching the manner in which the Covid 19 Pandemic has been handled by the United States health organizations and those of other countries. What I see is not even close to how I was trained. They seem locked into one path and one path only: vaccination, isolation, suffocation (masks), secrecy, and censorship.

Over the course of time, many doctors who were actually treating Covid patients were beginning to report successful treatment protocols to the big government health organizations. They also reported that their findings were being dismissed in favor of the track that the big health organizations had set themselves upon. When many of these doctors publicly reported their findings, they were treated with derision, slander, and contempt. They were censored and removed from social media platforms. Some physicians were harassed by their own state medical boards for contradicting and not toeing the “government approved” line. This persists to this day.

When I heard that a vaccine was coming out, I decided to take universal precautions and adopted a wait and see approach to the vaccine. As of today, it appears that the vaccine does protect people, but there have been some deaths and many adverse reactions linked to it. Now, we are discovering that vaccination will most likely require booster shots in order to retain effectiveness and may not provide effective resistance to variants.

Israel was the most aggressive country in getting an extremely large number of its citizens vaccinated. Now they are experiencing an outbreak of the delta variant. It appears that those vaccinated lose resistance to Covid rather quickly (after 6 months). What does this mean? Are we now going to be getting Covid booster shots in perpetuity? The big government health organizations keep giving us contradictory and senseless instructions and opinions that have done nothing but foster suspicion.

At this point I had made the decision not to get this vaccine, yet I still need to protect myself from this virus because I am close in age to the most vulnerable segment of the population. I’ve done a lot of research and found an association of treating physicians worldwide who have developed protocols for prevention and treatment of Covid Infections. The use of Ivermectin and other supplements are proving to have great effectiveness in preventing infections and in bringing rapid recovery of infection. Click here to learn how to prevent and treat Covid-19 in a manner that has proven to be safer and more effective than the current available vaccines and the counter-productive measures being thrust upon us.

My Suggestions

I would start with the article: “Why Hype Merck’s Coronavirus Drug, But Dismiss Ivermectin?” You will want to have your doctor on board, so find the QUICK LINKS in the middle of the page and go down to FOR PATIENTS and click on the middle box PATIENT INFORMATION. This page will tell you what information to share with your doctor. While he reviews the information, you can browse through the multitude of articles on the home page, so you have a general idea of the general recommended protocols.


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