Who in their right mind would think giving Muslims control over our weapons, satellites, & national defense is a good idea?


slave market Mosul women

  1. 19 Young Girls Taken as Slaves by ISIS, Burned Alive 
  2. Breaking News: Pakistani and Afghan Terrorists Caught Crossing US Border!
  3. U.S. Imam Says Muslims Have the RIGHT to Take Property from FILTHY Christians and Jews
  4. DHS admits it is still violating judicial order on immigration amnesty 

5.Why the Ten Commandments?

  1. French Jews Flee Country Due to Growing Anti-Semitism
  2. WATCH: A kindergarten graduation in Gaza where children are taught to kill
  3. Obama Invokes Scripture to Justify Deviant Bathroom Policy
  4. Obama Pentagon Hires Muslim Abu Dhabi to Supply Microchips for Combat Jets, Missiles, satellites
  5. This Dulles Airport Security Guard was a Genocidal Somali War Lord 
  6. California will Now Give Obamacare to Illegal Immigrants
  7. Respected Scientist says He found Proof God Existsstring theory
  8. Muslim Leader says Women are Not Equal to Men because…
  9. State Track Meet Decided by Gender Identity
  10. Facebook Harasses Christians and Conservatives – Allows Islamic State to Sell Christian and Pagan Girls as Sex Slaves


Muslim terrorism bikeThe past week’s news contained several reminders that persecution against Christians and Jews is increasing in the Middle East and Europe. We here in the US of A must constantly guard against becoming so accustomed to hearing or reading these stories that we become numb to them. We must not simply accept the increased hatred as the new normal and go about our lives as usual. We should be praying for our brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering, just as we would want them to pray for us. We should also be concerned because it’s headed this way. Actually, it’s here, but we’ve seen only the beginning of the battle. Atheists are coming out of the woodwork in an attempt to silence Christians. This is especially true in the Military.

My focus today, however, is on how God’s hand is over everything that’s happening. I don’t mean “God is in control” as we like to say. It goes much deeper than that. Saying that He is in control seems to imply that there’s a battle going on, but God has the upper hand. This is true, but there’s more going on than that. God isn’t just keeping things under control.

According to some of the more difficult passages in the first chapter of Ephesians (like verses 10 and 11), God is doing something very significant. If you believe that history is simply the working out of the will of God, you will also believe that it’s all going somewhere, and indeed it is. These two verses are saying that God is acting as an administrator of His property as He manages the events of history to accomplish His will.

But wait, there’s more. He is also bringing everything to a conclusion in Christ! While I don’t understand all thatlaminin this means, I think it’s safe to say that it includes things like showing how Christ is the only answer to the world’s woes, revealing how He has, in fact, held all things in the universe together (Col. 1:17), and giving Him the glory He deserves.

All this will happen in what Paul calls “the fullness of time,” which we are approaching. My point is that what we are watching on the world stage is God preparing for the final scene of the final act of what we call “time.” Things may look random and chaotic, but they’re not, at least from God’s point of view. He is moving the pieces around on His celestial chess board, getting everything aligned for His final move-when everything comes to a head – Jesus Christ, the rightful head over everything.

So, as you follow the news, remember where it’s headed. Take a deep breath and declare, “Maranatha,” Lord come quickly, but show me what you require of me in the meantime.



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