Islam’s Favorite Weapon Now Utilized on a Campus Near You: “Islamophobia”

Jew and Arab looking away from each other.

Across campuses in America, the Muslim Students Association (MSA) and the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) have been systematically promoting hatred toward Jews. When confronted or exposed they go right into their playbook, playing the “Islamophobia” card. The word didn’t just emerge out of nowhere. It’s at the core of the well-planned strategy orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood to conduct its stealth jihad against America and to silence any criticism of Islam-of the oppression and mutilation of women, the murder of homosexuals, or of the calls by imams to kill infidels and Jews.

The goal is to make the critic guilty of a “thought crime.” The critic is portrayed as being anti-Muslim, which is far worse than anything the Muslims are accused of. The MSA had become adept at playing the “freedom of religion” card at just the right time – long before the trump card that wins nearly every time-the “racist” card. Political correctness has seen to it that no self-respecting American could possibly allow racism to be tolerated, especially on a college campus.


What is at stake here is freedom of speech, perhaps the most cherished product of our system of government. Courtfreedom face cases usually come down on the side of freedom of speech, no matter how offensive the behavior. Yet, when it comes to Islam, America seems willing to hand over this right without even a whimper and the process usually involves throwing Jews or Christians under the bus, as a sacrifice to their god of tolerance.

The “Islamophobia” tactic against free speech on campus is well underway, especially within the University of California system. Several years ago, the student governments of UCLA, UC Davis and UC Santa Barbara unanimously passed resolutions put forth by the Muslim Students Association against Islamophobia. The previous focus on “hate speech” has evolved into a full attack against Islamophobia and the creation of a hostile environment by critics of Islam.

The bigger picture here is that universities have been the proving ground for radical strategies that are later “mainstreamed.” That is why it is essential that the tactics of the MSA and the Muslim Brotherhood on campuses be exposed and dealt with before the practices spread to our broader culture. Are you in a position to do something? If so, what will you do?



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