Iran’s provocative actions are part of the Shiite belief that bringing about worldwide chaos (nuclear war), will usher in their Messianic figure, the Mahdi.


Menachem Begin

In 1981, Israel, under the leadership of Menachem Begin, was faced with the prospect of a nuclear Iraq. The threat was obvious and imminent. Saddam Hussein had made his intention known to the world. None of Iraq’s neighbors would have been safe, especially Israel. Israel did what needed to be done. In one precise strike on Iraq’s nuclear reactor at Osiraq, Iraq’s nuclear program was eliminated once and for all. Israel didn’t wait for Iraq to spread its program to numerous underground locations. She ended the threat early and the mighty Iraq’s response was barely a whimper. For the favor Israel did for humanity, the world owes her a debt of gratitude. Instead, she has received only more threats, accusations, and attacks, but that’s another issue.


Now, of course, the world, and especially Israel, is dealing with Iran’s nuclear ambitions. The world’s response is mind boggling. What kind of reasoning knows what has worked and what has failed in the past, and yet choose to try what has failed in hopes that this time, somehow, the results will be different? If sanctions would have worked against Iran, they would have worked by now. Yes, they have had an effect on Iran’s economy, but they have done nothing to slow down Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Likewise, if negotiations would have worked, they would have worked by now. We seem to have forgotten the results of Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement approach toward Hitler. The British Prime Minister’s quest for “peace in our time” was not tempered with either reason or common sense.  Barack Obama followed the same course and handed over a mess to the Trump administration.

Golan Heights

Iran now has a base of operations in Syria, a mere 31 miles from Israel’s border, north of the Golan Heights. All of Iran’s provocative ventures are a part of her End Times belief in the so-called Messiah figure, “the Mahdi.” In case you missed it, in his address to the United Nations General Assembly back in 2005, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad boldly prayed to hasten the Mahdi’s emergence. (His comments expressed his view that the Mahdi will essentially be the reincarnation of Mohammed.) According to the Shiite version of Islamic prophecy, the coming of the Mahdi is the first of the major signs heralding the “Last Days.” He will come during a time of great upheaval and chaos in the world, and everything Iran is doing and planning is designed bring about such a time.

Some misguided world leaders have found comfort in the fact that only the radical Muslims are caught up in this fanatical idea. They rely on moderate Muslims to help “keep the peace” since they reject all forms of violent Jihad. This is true, for now, but once moderates believe the Mahdi has come, all bets are off. The fifteen percent (violent Muslims) will become ninety percent. The remaining ten percent of liberals who reject the Caliphate (a legitimate sitting Calif who will rule the world and force all laws to conform to Sharia law) will be the first to go. The worldwide Jihad will begin.

In case you think this is just sensationalism, consider the number of biblical prophecies regarding Christ’s Second Coming that picture Christ fighting a nation that is currently Muslim. These prophecies suggest that Islam will be the major world power at the time. They will not reach that status by exercising moderation. Add to this the fact that every description of the Mahdi’s character in Islamic literature matches that of the Antichrist. Suddenly, the whole concept of a Muslim Messiah seems less far-fetched than many of us once thought.

Iran’s leaders believe that their nuclear program and the annihilation of Israel have been mandated by Allah. They are an integral part of their End Times beliefs. Only one thing will stop them and the window is rapidly closing. Consider what Europe suffered because Hitler was not stopped in time. We need to pray that the Lord would give wisdom to our leaders and that He will intervene if men won’t-unless a nuclear Iran is part of God’s plan. If it is, very difficult times lie ahead of us. Remember, the Lord has placed us here at this point in time for a reason and He has always equipped those He has called to a task. Are we ready?



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