With a celebration comes a great need at a small cost.


It is significant that my last blog/newsletter for 2017 represents post # 1000 since I started in 2009! For those of you who have been with me from the beginning, you have seen many changes over the years as I modified my format, altered my focus, and fine-tuned what I felt God was leading me to do. As with any endeavor, my journey has had its ups and downs, but I have tried to remain faithful to my calling.

I have tried to maintain a balance between taking our faith in Christ seriously and not taking ourselves too seriously. A sense of humor is a necessity if we are to remain sane. I have also tried to make the reading process as enjoyable as possible by keeping my posts free of ads. Personally, I detest wading through all the ads to get to the message, and I don’t want you to have to endure this on my site. This, however, has come at a heavy price for me since the ads, however annoying, produce income, which I desperately need.

I have hoped that the donations from my readers would make up for the loss of income, but that has not happened. In eight years, I have received no donations from my blog and only enough from the newsletter to pay one of my numerous monthly bills. I am very appreciative of my two regular supporters and the occasional donations that come in about twice a year.


I have tried to keep things going, and have remained faithful in providing articles, insight, news, and commentary twice a week for many years. Two years ago, three other men and I began a prison ministry in two of the nearest state prisons. This ministry has had phenomenal results, but thus far, has been self-funded. Consequently, I am in a serious financial bind.

I really want to continue my blog and newsletter, but something’s got to change. I need your help. I am asking you to consider the value of what I have faithfully been providing. The Bible says that a servant is worth his hire, and I think this is applicable. To be honest, I have grown very discouraged by the lack of support. A donation of any amount would go a long way.

If all my subscribers gave just $1, I could completely fund my writing and prison ministries for a year, including making renovations to the home we are using for the inmates we have been working with when they are released. A dollar would impact the lives of many men who have been given a second chance and want to succeed. It would also allow me to continue doing what I love.

I have made it as easy as possible by adding a “DONATE” button on both blog and newsletter. Please consider my small request. It would mean a lot to me.




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