This edition looks at the PA”s refusal to recognize Israel, growing support for Israel among American voters, the plague-ridden Syrian Army, and Carter”s latest pro-Palestinian pronouncement.


The Israel Project reports
Palestinian Authority Jerusalem portfolio holder Fatah Hatem Abdel Kader said Thursday (Oct. 14) that Israel”s latest construction plan, albeit in Jewish neighborhoods, “hammers the final nail in the negotiation”s coffin.” Said Kader, “If we agree to Israel”s definition as a Jewish state now, in exchange for two months, he will next suggest we agree to recognize it as a Torah state for two additional months. We”ll never see the end of it.” Abbas and Kader have said the PA would never recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
Joel Rosenberg reports
Members of the U.S. House and Senate who over the past two years have followed President Obama”s lead on major economic policy issues like raising taxes, spending and the national debt already know they are facing the wrath of angry voters on Election Day this November. But according to an intriguing new poll released Monday, candidates who have supported President Obama”s antagonistic policies towards Israel and appeasing policies towards Iran in the past several years will find still further opposition at the ballot box.

The survey of 1,000 American voters, conducted by the respected national polling firm of McLaughlin & Associates, shows that a majority of Americans who are likely to turn out to the polls this November are pro-Israel. They are deeply worried about the ayatollahs in Iran getting the Bomb. They don”t believe President Obama knows how to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. They believe the President is being unfair and unfriendly towards Israel. They believe he is biased in favor of the Palestinians. What”s more, a majority of voters say they are more likely to support a candidate who is clearly identified as pro-Israel than one who is not. Nearly half of all Americans (46.5%) believe President Obama”s policy of reaching out to the Muslim world has decreased U.S. national security, while only one-in-three (33.1%) believe it has increased our security.
Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ reports
President Obama has talked about “”unwavering”” support for Israel, but we”re seeing something quite different. As Congressman Mike Pence correctly put it, “”This Administration has become the most anti-Israel Administration in American history.”” It is imperative that we – as a country and as individuals – never falter in our support of the State of Israel. As you know, we are at the International Criminal Court this week to defend Israel”s right to sovereignty and the right of every free nation to defend itself from terrorists. The impact of this case is global. And now, more than ever, it”s clear that we have a distinct and special role in standing with the nation of Israel and its people. I urge you to  It explores this

critical issue and explains why the American Center for Law and Justice is so focused on protecting Israel and its future.


David Zauber reports
Making his way home from a Latin American junket, Syrian President Bashar Assad warned in Madrid that the current rift in Israel-Turkey relations means “the prospect of war grows” in the region, but his army may be in no shape to fight. According to Syrian opposition figures in exile, Assad has ordered the shutdown of all Syrian military exercises due to a plague that is currently affecting a large swath of the army, especially conscripts in basic training. The epidemic is being blamed on poor drinking water and food on Syrian army bases and a current [recent] heat wave that has come amid years of drought in the region. The epidemic could cause extensive damage to elements of the 215,000-man standing army in coming weeks, according to the International Society for infectious Diseases.
Jerusalem Prayer Team reports
At a meeting in Damascus this week with the leaders of the Hamas terrorist movement and other virulently anti-Israel world leaders, former

President Jimmy Carter said that Palestinians in Gaza are “living in a cage” and that “Hamas should be included in all major efforts to peace.” Carter was known for being harshly critical of Israel when he was president, and that has not changed in the past thirty years.

Carter”s remarks reveal a willing blindness to the truth and a continuing naiveté that is stunning! Any so-called “cage” that exists around Palestinians living in Gaza is of their own making. Hamas (and their Hezbollah counterparts) have received tens of thousands of missiles from Iran which they are prepared to use against Israel when their puppet-master Ahmadinejad gives the word. Rockets and missiles continue to be launched from Gaza on a regular basis, putting the lives of men, women, and children living in Israel in grave danger.

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