This edition looks at recent Palestinian violence against Israelis, the U.N.s

declaration that key ancient biblical sites are now Muslim, the increased U.S. weapons stockpiles in Israel, animal cruelty in Gaza, and Obama”s condemnation of Israel vs. Canada”s unwavering support.


One Jerusalem reports
Two incidents in Jerusalem could signal a new round of planned Palestinian lawbreaking designed to cause trouble in Jerusalem. In the wake of Israel”s correct decision to disallow any  Palestinian political activity in Jerusalem without a permit, Palestinians have assaulted several innocent people. A group of tourists was directed into a trap and was attacked by Palestinians. Then Palestinians attacked Israeli medics on call to assist a Palestinian in need of medical assistance. If anyone has any doubts that dividing Jerusalem will bring Palestinian violence to the Holy City they need to reflect on these incidents. Unfortunately, these are probably not isolated events. Don”t be surprised if there is more to come.

David Zauber reports
UNESCO”s decision to designate the Tomb of Rachel and The Cave of the Patriarch”s as a Mosque is another example of the deligitimization of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. The World Jewish Congress joined with other Jewish organizations and Prime Minister Netanyahu in condemning this action by the United Nations. Earlier this year, the State of Israel designated both holy sites as national heritage sites. At the time, the Obama Administration led by Secretary of State Clinton condemned Israel”s action. Turkey”s Prime Minister said that the Tomb and the Cave “were not and never will be Jewish sites, but Islamic sites.”

Defense News reported on Monday that the Pentagon has decided to massively increase the amount of weapons, ammunition and other military supplies it keeps in pre-positioned warehouses in Israel for use by US forces in the case of an emergency situation in the Middle East. The Congressionally mandated stores, which are designed to also be available to Israel in the case of an emergency such as occurred during the surprise attack by the Egyptian and Syrian armies in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, are to reach a level of nearly $1.2 billion by 2012. The level is a tripling of the $400 million worth of emergency stocks the US military kept in Israel up until 2007. The announcement is the latestt indication of American uneasiness over Iran”s growing threat and Israel”s commitment to not repeat the mistakes it made in the 2006 Second Lebanon War.


Earl Cox reports
If someone asks you, “Where”s the beef?” I can tell you: It”s alive, has four hooves, and is mercilessly crammed into small circular metal cages or bound tightly with ropes and chains – then cruelly and painfully dragged through the tunnel at the Gaza crossing by Palestinians who have absolutely no regard for the welfare of these animals. Recent news reports showed Palestinians smuggling cows through the tunnel that connects Gaza with Egypt. Supposedly, the Palestinians need these cows for religious purposes. They claim the cows supplied by Israel do not meet their criteria for height and weight. The question begs to be asked, “Aren”t there any Palestinian cattle farmers?” Surely there must be, or perhaps they are too busy manufacturing bombs.

Joel Rosenberg reports
President Barack Obama sharply and unfairly criticized Israel yesterday while visiting Indonesia, the world”s largest Muslim country. He slammed the Jewish State for daring to announce the building of some 1,300 new apartments in Jerusalem, saying such moves were an impediment to the peace process with the Palestinians. Prime Minister Netanyahu, currently visiting the U.S., immediately responded to President Obama”s criticism: “Jerusalem is not a settlement; Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel.”
The Canadian Jewish News reports
Prime Minister Stephen Harper pledged on Monday that his government will always stand up against the campaign of demonization, double standards and the delegitimization of Israel. “When Israel – the only country in the world whose very existence is under attack – is consistently and conspicuously singled out for condemnation, I believe we are morally obligated to take a stand,” Harper said at the Ottawa Conference on Combating Antisemitism.


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