This issue looks at the implications of the recent secret pact between Iran and Turkey.


A recent pact between Iran and Turkey failed to

make the headlines despite its implications. Perhaps this failure was because the pact was made in secret. The fact that I

know about it shows how “secret” it really was. Perhaps the lack of coverage was because so many journalists failed to see its significance. Considering how the West fails to comprehend so much about Islam, this is a likely possibility.

The pact between these to non-Arab nations was signed under the auspices of President Assad of Syria. According to the pact, Iran will accept Turkey as the leader of Sunni Islam in the Middle East, while Turkey will accept Iran as leader of Shiite Islam in the Middle East. Among other things, the pact contained a strategy for accomplishing their mutual goals. The Gaza flotilla episode was the first “installment” of this strategy. The ultimate purpose of the pact is the reestablishment of the Caliphate, a leader for all Muslims of the world, like the old Caliphate under the Ottoman Turks that lasted 400 years, a goal shared by the Muslim Brotherhood.


If the military of Turkey were to join forces with the militaries of Iran and several other Islamist nations, as the Bible predicts, then “immense” will not even begin to describe the devastating impact for Israel and the United States. The real significance of this pact, however, is its focus on the restoration of the Caliphate. Once a worldwide leader for all Muslims emerges as the “official” earthly ruler, the rules of the game change drastically. Only such a ruler has the power to issue a declaration of worldwide jihad. The isolated worldwide attacks and skirmishes would suddenly become commonplace, especially here in America. The battle for world domination would be kicked into high gear.

Many who have understood the implication of such a restoration have placed their hopes on the inability of the Sunnis and the Shiites to ever agree on anything. With this pact, the most powerful Middle-East players representing both groups have already reached a significant agreement. The question is whether the other players will “go along” or finally realize that any agreement involving Iran will ultimately not be in their best interests. The recent Wikileaks revelations have shown that most Middle-East nations (Muslim) fear Iran more than they fear Israel. So far, however, we have seen no signs of willingness to stand up to Ahmadinejad.

Most importantly, the restoration of the Caliphate would force all so-called moderate Muslims living in America to decide which side they are on. They will no longer be able to have it both ways. They will be forced to openly declare whether they will fight for Allah and the expansion of his kingdom or fight against him as an American. In Islam, defectors will be the first

to be slain, so guess what they will decide. One way or another, all moderate Muslims will disappear.

Since Iran will be a major player in this scenario, the plan as initiated by the Ayatollah Khomeini will be kicked into high gear. I am referring to the destruction of the “Little Satan” and then the “Great Satan” (Israel and America). For this scenario not to be carried out, something must happen to drastically change things. Some nation or coalition of nations or God Himself will need to do something to change the balance of power. Those who are rightly related to God must pray fervently at this critical time. Ever since America started telling God that He was no longer welcome here, we have seen evidence that He had removed his hand of protection. Ever since we withdrew our unconditional support for Israel, we have experienced one disaster after another.

The good news is that everything will play out just as God always knew it would, according to His perfect timetable. He will be victorious, Jesus Christ will build His Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. We must decide what side we are on and whether we will be a tool for God to use or an obstacle to be overcome.

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